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HF Helps Families Prepare for College

The Hispanic Federation will be hosting two seminars as part of its Pathways College Prep program in May at NYC College of Technology/CUNY and the Guttman Community College/CUNY. Pathways is centered around a series of workshops that provide Latino parents with critical information about college including: how to pay for college, what it means to be “college ready,” and information advising youth on how to prepare for college entrance exams. Each session provides each family with a resource packet that holds links to important scholarships available to our college bound students. Pathways College Prep specifically educates parents on:

• The importance of advanced placement (AP) classes, extracurricular activities, and college entrance exams

• Developing relationships with school counselors

• The critical nature of the junior year

• Finding information on financial aid and scholarships

“Ultimately,” said HF Assistant Vice President for Programs Jessica Guzmán, “these workshops motivate Latino parents to get a head start in prepping their kids for college. The program helps both parents and students understand the advantages of a college education, the college admissions timeline, what colleges are looking for, and how to navigate the complex application process. Given the underrepresentation of Latinos in colleges in the U.S., I really believe this is one of the most important programs we offer.”

The first Pathways seminar will be held in Brooklyn at the New York City College of Technology/CUNY on Saturday May 14th, beginning at 9am and ending at 1pm. The second will be in Manhattan at Guttman Community College/CUNY on Saturday May 21st beginning at 9am and ending at 2pm, there will be an optional campus tour at the end of the presentation. In addition, roundtrip Metro Cards for parents, Breakfast and materials will be provided FREE.

For additional information, please contact Marissa Muñoz.