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Environmental equity is ultimately an issue of social justice, one that deeply affects Latino communities. That’s why HF supports legislation and programming that protects our environment and communities. Explore our environmental justice work below.

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Our environmental justice work in North Carolina

Eastern North Carolina (ENC) is on the front lines of the environmental and social challenges associated with extreme weather events. Since 2016, hurricanes have caused massive damage and upended the lives of millions of people in ENC. Climate change is intensifying the severity and frequency of extreme weather events and creating risks for residents of this area. These risks are exacerbated for people who are non-white, have less formal education, less access to income and wealth, tenuous immigrant statuses, and limited English proficiency. Latino immigrants face unique challenges which affect how they prepare for, are affected by, and recover from climate-induced hurricanes and flooding. These inequities present a clear challenge to achieving environmental justice in ENC.

Our work aims to strengthen collaboration between non-profit organizations, state, and county emergency response agencies, and social and geophysical scientists with the objective of achieving equal protection for Latino communities in eastern North Carolina from the risks of climate-related extreme weather events. Here’s how we’re trying to accomplish this:

  • HF is collaborating with social and geophysical scientists at the Carolina Population Center (CPC), to create a robust data infrastructure related to assessing vulnerability for Latino immigrants, and how Latino families and individuals in ENC prepare for, are affected by, and recover from hurricanes and floods, and how those processes are influenced by social policy.
  • HF is organizing an Escuelita Comunitaria for Latino-led organizations and community leaders in the area so that they may increase their knowledge about the impacts of climate change and environmental issues, and strengthen their ability to organize and advocate for their communities.
  • HF will lead an advocacy campaign to improve local and state emergency plans to better serve Latinos in North Carolina. 

For more information about our environmental justice work in North Carolina, contact us by emailing our North Carolina Programs and Grants Manger Anaí Santibañez asantibanez@hispanicfederation.org.

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Our environmental justice work in Puerto Rico

In 2017, just three days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Hispanic Federation partnered with the Miranda Family to charter the first humanitarian relief flight transporting 22 first responders and supplies to the island. Since then, Hispanic Federation’s work in Puerto Rico has grown and our investments have only deepened. In fact, HF has invested a historic $54 million and partnered with hundreds of local, grass roots organizations to not only address the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Fiona and other natural disasters, but increasing the archipelago’s reliance on renewable energy and advancing climate justice to build a stronger and more resilient Puerto Rico.

Our Policy and Advocacy Work

Our policy and advocacy work aims to advance Latino opportunity and equity across the country by focusing on three pillars: civil rights, justice, and equity and empowerment. As part of this work, HF advocates for environmental justice and equity, which are ultimately social justice issues that deeply affect Latino communities.

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