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Staff Directory


Frankie Miranda
President and CEO

Doris Guzmán
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 117

Jaslyn Jimenez-Peña
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 126

Jessica Guzmán-Mejía
Senior Vice President for Strategy and Impact
Ext. 147

Jessica Orozco Guttlein, Esq. 
Senior Vice President for Policy and Communications
Ext. 140

Brent Wilkes
Senior Vice President, Institutional Development
Ext. 154

Ingrid Alvarez-DiMarzo
Vice President for Policy and Strategic Engagement
Ext. 1254

Diana Caba
Vice President for Community and Economic Development
Ext. 135

Stephen Manuel Calenzani
Vice President for Development
Ext. 124

Mario Colón
Vice President for Special Initiatives
Ext. 118

Raul Contreras
Vice President for Communications Strategy
Ext. 166

Craig Goodwin-Ortiz de Leon
Vice President for Finance
Ext. 158

Bethsy Morales-Reid
Vice President for Program Strategy and Impact
Ext. 121

Almirca Santiago
Vice President for Grantmaking and Capacity Building
Ext. 115

Headquarters - New York City

Celina Cruz
Senior Director for the Executive Office
Ext. 150

Liliana Melgar-Hoyos
Assistant Vice President for Health Operations
Ext. 127

Liz Aponte
Ext. 101

Sophia Alperovich
Grants and Contracts Coordinator
Ext. 192

Michelle Born
Senior Director of Capacity Building
Ext. 145

Jose Chamorro
Rental Manager - Julia De Burgos Latino Cultural Center

Maria Chiluiza
Ext. 116

Susan Cruz
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Ext. 131

Luz Cruz
Health Programs Coordinator
Ext. 432

Kelly Carrion
Director for Digital Communications
Ext. 189

Hellen Cordova 
Policy Analyst 
Ext. 198

John Correa
Education Programs Manager
Ext. 187

Gabriela Diaz
Program Coordinator, CREAR Careers
Ext. 186

Ida Evadis
Navigator and Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 142

Maria Lugo
Senior Director for Health Initiatives
Ext. 114

Melyssa Merced
Payroll Specialist
Ext. 144

Citlali Ortiz
Program Manager for LGBTQ Initiatives
Ext. 161

Peter Michelen
Workforce Initiatives Programs Manager
Ext. 130

Maria Morales
Health Data Manager/QC Officer
Ext. 138

Paul Marin
Director for Communications
Ext. 190

Ena Miller
Grants Accountant
Ext. 185

Mario Mendez
Immigration Program Coordinator
Ext. 196

Emely Paez
Senior Director for Government and Community Relations
Ext. 141

Fredesvinda Perez
Grants Accountant
Ext. 148

Francesca Perrone
Policy Analyst/Compliance Specialist
Ext. 128

Juan J. Ramirez
Director for Human Resources
Ext. 109

Jorge Reyes
Operations Manager
Ext. 111

Christian Rodriguez
Development Associate
Ext. 179

Jonathan Rodriguez
Health Program Coordinator
Ext. 129

Perla Rodriguez
Senior Director for Education Programs
Ext. 162

Diego Alexander Sanchez
Grants Accountant
Ext. 133

Karina Santos
Manager for Community Outreach/IPA Navigator
Ext. 139

Myriam Villalobos Solis
Senior Director for Network Engagement
Ext. 119

Cindy Tremino
Director for Immigration Programs
Ext. 103

Canela Torres
Grants Manager
Ext. 102

Annie Troy
Development Officer
Ext. 146

Janet Pérez Valle
Director for Compliance
Ext. 435

Yesmin Vega
Director for Economic Empowerment 
Ext. 188

Julissa Valerio
Contracts Manager
Ext. 166

Sarah Zygmont
Executive Administrative Assistant
Ext. 191

Albany, New York

Tydie Abreu
Senior Director for Policy & Social Impact
Ext. 107


Laudi Campo
Florida State Director
Ext. 409

Mercy Adorno
Program and Community Manager, South
Ext. 411

Freddie Agrait
Digital Initiatives Manager
Ext. 402

Nomarys Cabiya
Strategic Engagement Manager
Ext. 416

Robert J. Edwards
Director for Health Programs
Ext. 407

Gabriel Losada
Digital Communications Assistant
Ext. 417

Edicta Nevado
Health and Community Outreach Coordinator
Ext. 419

Mayelli Noguera
Office and Operations Administrative Coordinator
Ext. 425

Adrianna Padilla
Health Programs Manager
Ext. 431

Elaine Rodriguez
Accounts Payable Specialist
Ext. 404

Mario Rosa
Florida Office Operations Coordinator 
Ext. 414

Puerto Rico

Charlotte Gossett Navarro
Puerto Rico Chief Director
Ext. 182

Denis Pereira Borres
Manager for Economic Development

Jessie Guerrero Cardona
Manager of Grants and Contracts
Ext. 187

Keyshla Marrero Lozada
Operations Manager
Ext. 183

Jonathan Castillo Polanco
Manager of Green Energy and Environment
Ext. 181

Maritere Padilla Rodriguez
Senior Director for Policy and Advocacy
Ext. 185

Wanda Gonzalez Roman
Program Manager, USDA

Jailene Sotomayor
Research and Policy Manager

Paola Segarra Quiles
Operations Associate
Ext. 186

Jose Santos Valderrama
Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Manager
Ext. 411

Washington, DC

Hila Berl
Senior Director for Data Integration

Karla Urbina
Digital Communications Manager

Frederick Velez, III
National Director of Civic Engagement
Ext. 412


Fatima Aviles
Education Programs Manager
Ext. 193

Kely Pimentel
Connecticut Programs and Grants Manager
Ext. 202

Karlene Santiago
Connecticut Programs Coordinator
Ext. 203

North Carolina

Lariza Garzon
Director of North Carolina and MidSouth Operations
Ext. 151

Esmeralda Dominguez
Special Projects Coordinator
Ext. 604

Maria Guerrero
Program Manager, USDA
Ext. 433

Anai Santibanez
Civic Engagement Program Manager
Ext. 163

Maria Jose Taminez
Civic Engagement Program Manager
Ext. 605


Sian Duprey
Midwest Program Director
Ext. 702

Selsa Carmona
Administrative Assistant, USDA

Laine Rolong
National Director for Economic Mobility
Ext. 106

Roberto Valdez
Midwest Policy Director
Ext. 165