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As a proven pathway to social mobility and success, nothing compares to a rigorous education. Good teachers, quality facilities, and cutting-edge pedagogy yield good results that benefit our entire community. That’s why Latino communities across the country are focused on access to and success in K-12 and post-secondary education. Hispanic Federation understands the relationship between Latinos and education and the hurdles to increased educational attainment and success. Whether it’s advocating for greater resources for early childhood education from government leaders or working with universities to support proven strategies for student success, Hispanic Federation’s education programs reflect our belief that the future of the Latino community runs squarely through the nation’s classrooms.

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Pathways to Academic Excellence: Early Childhood Education

Access to quality education in early ages has a demonstrable positive effect of educational outcomes stretching into a child’s secondary and post-secondary years.  Yet, despite the fact that Latino families recognize the importance of early access to education for children, too few Latino families and children have access to quality early childhood education in their communities.

Hispanic Federation’s Pathways to Academic Excellence Program, a series of seminars and workshops designed to support parents as key partners in their children’s academic lives, provides support to families to help their children succeed starting in their earliest years of education.

Through our Pathways to Academic Excellence: Early Childhood series, parents and caregivers can learn strategies that can enhance their children’s literacy skills, overcome social and academic challenges, and more.

If you’re interested in attending the next Pathways Early Childhood seminar, browse our calendar for the next upcoming seminar or contact us by emailing Gabriela Diaz, our education programs coordinator: gdiaz@hispanicfederation.org

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High School Support

High School is a challenge for all families. Social pressures, increased competition for services, and uncertainty about post-secondary opportunities often make the four years of secondary education challenging for Latino students. That’s why we offer programs that support students throughout High School and beyond.

College Support: CREAR Futuros

While national Hispanic college enrollment and graduation numbers are higher today than ever before, Latino student college enrollment, retention, and graduation rates still lag behind white peers. Hispanic Federation has long considered post-secondary student success as a major focus of its Education Program. That’s why we created CREAR (College Readiness, Achievement, and Retention) Futuros. This peer mentor-based initiative creates a community of care by connecting first year, sophomore, and transfer students in colleges across the country with trained upper-classmen who introduce them to important campus resources (such as financial aid, tutoring, and career counseling) while also providing time-management, stress reduction, and networking support.

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Education Policy and Advocacy

Some of the decisions that most impact the educational success of Latino students are made far from the student’s home or classroom. Lack of funding and support for public K-12 education and public-post secondary institutions have a disproportionate impact on Latino students because they are over-represented in these classrooms. Our education policy and advocacy work aims change this by addressing the educational needs of Latino students. Explore our education policy and advocacy work below.

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