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Hispanic Education Summit 2017

Success in the classroom depends on much more than what happens during the school day. Our children need and deserve great schools. But schools need great teachers and administrators, involved parents, nonprofits and resources to empower our children both socially and academically. The entire community has a vested interest in the success of local schools and have an important role to play in ensuring that success. And that's why we work to organize and present the Hispanic Education Summit.

The Summit brings together Latino community leaders, parents, students, and educators to discuss ways of improving the K-16 access and success pipeline for Latino students and ultimately increase college retention and graduation rates. In addition the Summit includes the participation of community advocates, mayoral and Department of Education officials and elected officials to add administrative and legislative perspectives to the discussion. The conference features presentations, workshops, research findings and policy plenary sessions on key programmatic areas/models and best practices.

“The Summit has been a success in years past because it’s one of one of a kind,” said HF Assistant Vice President Jessica Guzman Mejia. “Where else can we, as a community, spend a full day sharing information and research and in-the-classroom experiences with elected officials, administrators, teachers, parents and students? I can’t think of a single event like this and that’s why we work so hard to make sure that the summit is filled with information people can use to inform their work in everything from crafting education policy to understanding the demographic composition of the students in their classes.”

The 2017 Hispanic Education Summit will take place on Monday, March 20 at the CUNY Graduate Center. To register, click here.