Puerto Rico Relief and Reconstruction

On September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the damage it inflicted on the island has reverberated from New York to California. But what the winds and rains destroyed, Puerto Ricans, Latinos and other Americans throughout the United States are focused on helping to rebuild. Hispanic Federation is leading the way, and we’re just getting started. Read more…
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There are before and after moments in the history of a nation. That’s what Hurricane Maria represents for Puerto Rico. The storm’s wide band of strength and destruction has left a great majority of Puerto Ricans without power, access to food, potable water and communications. To serve the immediate and long-term needs of families and communities in Puerto Rico, the Hispanic Federation has taken unprecedented action, helping to coordinate hundreds of donation drives in the U.S. mainland, distributing over two million of pounds of food, water and essentials to those most affected by the storm, delivering emergency relief aid to over 40 hard-hit municipalities, and seeding an additional $2.5M million dollars to fund recovery projects throughout Puerto Rico.

On November 7th, HF joined award-winning actor, composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda to highlight the establishment of this fund and its first seven grantees on the island.

The fund, called “Amanece/Road to Recovery,” is focused on building island infrastructure which is durable, sustainable and self-sufficient. The project’s mission is to fund innovative projects with a long-term vision for the recovery and rebuilding of the island and local communities. Grassroots organizations on the island can focus on housing, agriculture, workforce development and energy projects.

“The road to recovery in Puerto Rico is not a simple one nor is it one that relies solely on aid from the American government on the mainland, said Lin-Manuel Miranda. In partnership with the Hispanic Federation, I call on Puerto Rico’s existing nonprofit community to submit grant applications and ideas to rebuild and revitalize our island. Together, we will cultivate, fund and execute practical and actionable solutions to kick-start and continue the island’s road to recovery for years to come.”

“Our mandate is to support actions that can help Puerto Rico rise up better, stronger and more self-sufficient. We believe that in order for that to happen, local nonprofits and the communities that they serve, must be empowered to play a defining role in re-envisioning a new Puerto Rico. That’s what the Amanece Fund is focused on doing: ensuring that the island’s community-based organizations can help lead the way in the recovery and rebuilding of Puerto Rico.”

To apply for an Amanece grant, please click here. Click here to see Amanece grantees press release

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