FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 25, 2022

Anna Carron

Statement on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to the Supreme Court

Frankie Miranda, President and CEO of Hispanic Federation, issued the following statement upon the news of President Biden nominating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court:

“We applaud President Biden for nominating the first Black woman to the bench, laying the groundwork for the next generation of the Supreme Court. This is a historic event and must be met with quick and fair hearings.

Judge Jackson is exceptionally well qualified and has the experience, character, integrity, and dedication to the rule of law to serve on the nation’s highest court. She is recognized as one of the brightest legal minds in the country, with a well-rounded set of experiences in the legal system and judiciary. Hispanic Federation will closely follow the confirmation process and call on senators to fairly assess Judge Jackson for her confirmation to the Supreme Court so that she may apply her perspective, experience, and allegiance to the law.

As the institution that often serves as the last line of defense against civil rights abuses, discrimination, and corporate greed, it is imperative that the Supreme Court reflects the racial diversity that shapes our nation. President Obama understood this when he announced more than a decade ago the historic selection of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. President Biden clearly understands this moment as well, and it is why the nomination of Judge Jackson, who holds both legal and lived experience, is so vital to us all.”