Statement on the Senate Republicans’ New Healthcare Bill

July 15, 2017 (New York, NY) – The Hispanic Federation issued the following statement today from its President José Calderón regarding the latest version of the Senate Republican’s health care bill (H.R. 1628):

“The efforts by President Trump and Congressional Republicans to replace and repeal the Affordable Care Act has faced intense backlash across the United States. Outcry has come from every major health care organization in our nation -- from hospitals and doctors associations to patient-focused advocacy nonprofits and health research institutes. The latest draft of the Senate’s health care bill shows yet again why the overwhelming majority of Americans oppose Trumpcare.

“At its core, the Senate Republican bill seeks to gut Medicaid, cutting it by nearly $800 billion over the next decade. The impact of these cuts are as clear as they are devastating: tens of millions of vulnerable Americans will lose their health care benefits and protections, including children, the elderly, low-income families and persons with disabilities.

“This bill will be particularly traumatic for Latinos: 6 million individuals, including 1 million children, will lose coverage.

“Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle – and the American people who stand to lose the most from this debate – must oppose this callous and destructive legislation and fight to protect the health care of millions of Americans whose very lives depend on it.”