Statement on President Trump’s Executive Actions

January 25, 2017 (New York, NY)--In response to a series of Executive Actions signed by President Donald Trump, Hispanic Federation has released the following statement

Over the past 24 hours, Hispanic Federation and its more than 100 member agencies have watched as President Trump has issued a series of directives that, if enacted, would hurt countless children and families across America, and make our nation less safe, less hopeful and less prosperous. In particular, we wish to express our profound reservations about the President’s executive actions to:

  • Authorize the construction of a costly and unnecessary wall on the border with Mexico and sharply increase efforts to detain and deport immigrants, including tripling interior enforcement, carrying out workplace raids and enlisting state and local officials to function as a round up and removal force.
  • Punish cities and states that have embraced the “sanctuary” movement as a way of protecting immigrant communities from federal overreach and safeguarding community-police relations.

In issuing these executive orders, Mr. Trump has chosen, yet again, to pursue rhetoric and policy prescriptions that seek to demonize and punish our immigrants. Indeed, instead of uniting our communities and nation, the President has decided to spend his first week in office fanning the flames of xenophobia, fear and division.

In addition to these executive actions, we are also deeply dismayed by his call for a federal investigation of demonstrably untrue claims that between 3 and 5 million people cast ballots illegally on Election Day. We find this especially irresponsible because every reputable analysis of voter turnout has found that voter fraud is so insignificant as to be unworthy of serious debate, let alone a federal investigation.

Of course, the president’s power is not absolute and we fully expect that Congress and the Judiciary will employ their substantial, constitutionally-guaranteed powers to hold him accountable. We also know that our community leadership and allies will not be silent. Make no mistake about it, any actions designed to undermine the rights and dignity of our people will be met with active, emphatic and relentless resistance in every corner of our nation.

President Trump reiterated today that he will be the President of “all Americans.” If the last 24 hours are any indication, we are doubtful of his words and his intentions.