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To Help Latino Students Succeed, HF Expands CREAR Futuros Program

As the global economy becomes more interdependent and competitive, workers need to have the skills to thrive in new industries. That means that a college education is more important than ever before in our nation’s history. But getting into college and then thriving there is a complex matter. This is especially true for many Latinos. Educational and financial obstacles often conspire to keep Latino students from succeeding in college.

In late 2012, Hispanic Federation began addressing the higher education crisis facing Latinos by launching the CREAR Futuros program. Supported by a number of corporate and philanthropic groups including Delta Airlines and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, the program is designed to help students on the path to college readiness and success. The program begins in high school by helping students and their families understand the college application process, financial aid, and the importance of college admission’s tests.

CREAR Futuros follows a “Community of Care” model that is provided Latino college students with direct, place-based supports. The program is helping to boost Latino student GPA, retention, course completion, and graduation rates through the following services:

  • Peer-mentorship
  • Leadership development
  • Career mentorship
  • Internship opportunities
  • Connection to social services

This year, Crear Futuros has expanded to Florida and now serves students on nine college campuses in three states.

“We know that college readiness and completion are the keys to economic stability and success in our community,” said Hispanic Federation Assistant Vice President for Programs Jessica Guzman. “Crear Futuros allows us to work with universities to provide students with the social and academic supports that ultimately produce graduates. We are convinced this is the kind of model that can and should be replicated on campuses everywhere in the United States.”

For more information on CREAR Futuros, please click here.