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From City Hall to Capitol Hill, We're There!

Protest and dissent are as central to American democracy as press and religious and freedoms. That’s why Hispanic Federation joined with millions of other Americans in the last few weeks to register our support for American values of inclusion and diversity and against discrimination and religious bigotry.

When President Trump announced his ban on Muslim refugees and visa holders from select countries in the Middle East, Hispanic Federation also took part in protest rallies in Connecticut, Washington and New York. In New York, HF president José Calderón joined with Mayor Bill DeBlasio and other leaders to denounce the President’s unprecedented ban and to call for solidarity with Muslim immigrants in New York. In addition, New York staff participated in a protest rally organized by CAIR in Washington Square Park.

Hispanic Federation staff participated in the Women’s March on Washington organizing three busloads of protestors from New York to the nation’s capital. In addition to the march in Washington, Hispanic Federation also took part in marches in New York City and Florida.

“We are living in complex times when the usual avenues of advocacy might not be enough,” said Calderón. “We know from history that public protest and dissent are important and time-honored traditions in the United States and we intend to appeal to these traditions to make sure that the Trump administration understands that we will relentlessly speak out and challenge policies that harm the communities we care for and serve.”