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Priority One: Getting Latinos Out To Vote

In many states, the results of the upcoming Midterm Elections will depend on the ability of campaigns to get Latino voters to cast votes. This is no easy task. There are nearly 30 million eligible Latino voters in the United States, yet many reside in communities that have been disenfranchised by poverty, lack of meaningful engagement from politicians and political parties, voter suppression efforts and the historical underfunding of Latino organizations to carry out long-term voter empowerment efforts.

The Hispanic Federation is teaming up with allies all across the country to change that fact forever. Our efforts are allowing us to work deeper and wider in communities — expanding significantly our voter canvassing work while employing new technologies to make sure that a historic number of Latinos are heard at the ballot box. “Our GOTV efforts are a mix of old and new,” said Hispanic Federation President José Calderón. “We’re using text messaging, phone calls combined with door-to-door canvassing to mobilize, engage and educate voters around the importance of their vote and ensure unprecedented levels of voter involvement. This election is so important that we can’t leave anything to chance.“

And leaving nothing to chance, means that we are planning to mobilize over 900,000 Latino voters to turn out for this year’s to Midterm Elections. If you would like to help out in our efforts, please contact our Director of Civic Engagement Alejandra Sorto at