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Our Work Is Bringing People Together

We do our work because it matters; because it changes people's lives. That's what we have always done. This year that meant taking a prominent leadership role on strengthening social justice organizations, driving civic engagement, launching new groundbreaking community programs and taking the lead on Puerto Rico and Mexico relief, recovery and reconstruction efforts. And all across our nation, people have taken notice and joined us.

More than 200,000 people donated to Hispanic Federation this year. That's a remarkable number that has allowed us to do so much good for millions of people.

When the battle is as large and complex as the one we're facing today, you simply can't go it alone. And that's why this year we have been so eager and blessed to find common cause with hundreds of thousands of individuals and institutions from across the country who share our values and commitment to helping people.

In 2018, we plan on solidifying our relationship with these new supporters and working with them to build on our shared success.