Face of Dreamers

In September of 2017, President Trump put the lives of 800,000 exceptional young people in jeopardy by rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Now, the fate of Dreamers is in Congress' hands. Every day that Congress fails to act, another 122 Dreamers lose their DACA and become at risk of being deported. It's time for Congress to take decisive action to prevent Dreamers from being torn from their families, jobs, and schools.

We must keep pressure on Congress to do the right thing and provide Dreamers with a secure future in the only country most have ever known as home. To help do so, the Federation has launched the Face of Dreamers campaign, which shares the extraordinary stories of America's Dreamers and demands that Congress pass a Dream Act today.

As part of this effort, HF created a digital toolkit to help you spread this message to your network of friends, family and supporters. The toolkit includes social media images, videos and sample tweets that can be used to advocate for the passage of a Dream Act and encourage others to do the same.

Download the Face of Dreamers toolkit HERE.

The average DACA recipient came to the United States at just 6-years-old and is now 26. They are students, teachers, first responders, veterans, nurses and so much more. They are a vital part of our economy and invaluable members of our communities. They embody the very hope and promise of America.

Join us is in sending Congress this message today! And thank you for all you do to strengthen our communities and nation.

Meet the Dreamers

Aspiring Journalist

Growing up in the U.S., Mildred truly believes that she is living the American Dream day in and day out. She struggled in high school, as do many adolescent girls, but is incredibly proud to have taken control of her destiny by graduating and making it into college. She wants nothing more than to become a journalist, knowing first hand from being an undocumented youth that there are so many stories of struggle and sacrifice which have yet to be told. Despite adversity, Mildred dreams of a day that she can legally pursue a career in this country. Passage of the Dream Act will enable her to give back to her community in the US, the country she calls home!

Aspiring Oncologist

Having watched cancer take the lives of many in her family, Margi is determined to become an oncologist. Because of her love of science and people, she'll be able to provide not only medical care, but emotional support during tough times. Having experienced the grief the disease brings, when Margi finally becomes a doctor she'll be equipped to uplift cancer patients, relieve their pain, and fight to coax them back to health. Her mother has already sacrificed so much for Margi to go to college. Passing the Dream Act would mean those sacrifices were not in vain!

Future Historian

Carlos came to the U.S. when he was just three. By the time he turned five, he had perfected his English. In 8th grade English class Carlos first heard the term "American Dream." It seemed so simple: having a career you enjoy; having a loving family, living in a good neighborhood. Excited by all the amazing possibilities the country had to offer, Carlos has decided becoming an historian would enable him to educate future generations on why America is so special.

All Carlos wants is to work hard, make something of himself, and help those in need. Passing the Dream Act will confirm to him that in America, anything is possible!

Maria Jose
Future Fashion Executive

Maria Jose has her heart set on being a future fashion executive. She admires women in the industry, like Kate Spade, who have developed innovative brands around their unique styles. Today, she wears cutting-edge glitter eyeliner, studies business, and learns how to code. She is pursuing her American dream of starting her own company, just like the women who are her idols. Maria Jose is working hard to make this dream a reality, but we have to show her we believe in her. Urge your member of Congress to pass the Dream Act today!

Current Restauranteur

When Daniela first moved to the U.S. she struggled to learn English. But she kept at it because it was critical for survival. Since then she has worked as an office cleaner, a waitress, and a barista. Over the years Daniela has fallen in love with New York - the people, food, places: "a truly one of a kind city!" Because of DACA she was able to accomplish her American dream of becoming a small business owner in the city she loves.

When times were tough, Daniela never gave up. With passage of the Dream Act, Daniela will be able to be present for her daughter, work hard, and, equally important, run the business she's so proud of.

Future State Senator

Naflan knows he will become a future state senator, even though he is currently undocumented. It was a shock when he learned about his status in the 7th grade, but he pushed on and recommitted to achieving his dreams. This positive attitude has taken Naflan far. Today, he collaborates with the City of New York on projects that help make the city a safer place to live, including a program that prevents heroin overdoses. Naflan's passion for local government is bigger than his legal status - with the passage of a Dream Act, we will see Naflan in a state capital, working hard to serve and protect his constituents!

Future College Student

Born in Mexico, Erik came to the United States when he was only 3 months old. Part of a "mixed-status family," with him living undocumented with two documented siblings, life has constant challenges. Yet Erik's father showed how to overcome them by working as a dishwasher, delivery man and cook, sacrificing again and again for family. Sacrifices which have not been in vain: Erik's never missed school and has excelled academically. Passage of the Dream Act will ensure Erik's American dream of finishing college, launching a successful career, providing a better life for his children, and being a role model will also come true!

Future Community Health Worker

Haide's passion is to serve her community. Although she is faced with the challenges that come with living as an undocumented person, as President of the "Dream Team" at a community college, Haide educates students on immigration issues and helps them achieve their goals. Her dream is to work in community health services and hopes by doing so she'll be an inspiration to those around her. Haide strongly believes finishing college will enable her to contribute even more. However, this will only be possible with the success of the Dream Act. Help Haide by acting to pass it now!

Future Lawyer

"I have built my family here," says Isela firmly. The thought of being separated from them because of immigration issues devastates her, and she knows other undocumented people feel the same. Because of this, she dreams of attending law school to provide direct legal services to immigrants who need help. In the meantime, Isela does everything she can to give back to her community and wants to continue to do so in the future. Isela is fighting for a stable future not only for her, but for her family and community. If passed, the Dream Act would help achieve just that!

Future Foster Care Worker

For years, being undocumented and Asian has forced Jisu to hide her true legal status from others in her community. Confronted with this devastating stigma, Jisu did not give up, but resolutely determined to work selflessly for others to make a difference. She currently studies sociology at a top public college and wants to work within the foster care system to help abandoned children find safe homes and loving parents. The Dream Act would make all the difference. Jisu could be her true self, and fully able to help her community as is her deep desire. Help Jisu accomplish her dream by supporting its passage!

Future Social Worker

An athletically and artistically talented high school student, Maria couldn't dream of living anywhere except the U.S. Although undocumented, Maria has never let barriers defeat her. She plays volleyball and lacrosse and is an active member of the drama club. With senior year ending, she's sure her next life chapter includes obtaining a college degree in psychology or social work. Becoming legal would allow her the further privilege of learning to drive, and obtain a paying job. Maria doesn't feel limits now. With passage of the Dream Act, imagine where she might go in the future!