Ongoing Campaigns

When confronted with policies that compromise the prosperity of Latinos at a local, state, or national level, Hispanic Federation stands ready to mobilize and advocate. Every day, new issues arise that impact our community, and each time we are prepared to meet these challenges, no matter how uphill the battle may seem.

Campaigns we are currently involved in are:

Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis

In June 2015, Puerto Rico’s Governor Alejandro García Padilla declared the Commonwealth’s $72 billion debt not payable. With the island effectively running out of cash to keep the government operating, the situation is putting at risk essential services such as police and fire protection, medical services and social supports. The crisis has forced a second Great Migration much like after World War II, with more than 250,000 Puerto Ricans leaving the island since 2010. This issue is not new; it is the manifestation of decades of unfavorable policies that have come to a head over the past year, placing the island on the brink of a humanitarian crisis.

HF believes that the federal government has a moral, fiscal, and legal responsibility to help Puerto Rico address this crisis. As such, we have spearheaded a national movement to force Congress and the White House to do what’s right. We have strong allies in this fight, and we will continue to push until Congress provides Puerto Rico with the aid it needs.

To read our report, click here.

To download our toolkit, click here.

To read our sign-on letter in response to Congress' ‘‘Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act” (PROMESA), click here.

For more information, contact Jose Davila, Vice President for Policy and Government Relations

Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act

New York State is an agricultural powerhouse. Farms in Upstate New York and Long Island are thriving, and a source of great economic growth and development. Unfortunately, these farms are harboring a dark secret: all too often, the farmworkers they employ are exploited through harsh work conditions, lacking even the most basic protections and rights afforded to workers in the United States. The worst part of it all? This brutal work environment is legally guaranteed. There are an estimated 100,000 workers who lack basic labor protections, and due to the political climate in Albany, have continuously faced scrutiny over whether or not their work conditions are truly in need of reform.

The Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act seeks to provide the right to a day of rest, overtime pay, workers’ compensation, overtime, and the right to collective bargaining, among other protections. The legislation has passed the Assembly repeatedly, and repeatedly faces opposition in the Senate. This year, we have regrouped with our allies in order to continue our efforts. Through a combination of grassroots and grasstops efforts, we are organizing to push forward on this legislation. We hope you’ll join us.

Read the open letter from concerned New Yorkers who support the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act.

For more information, contact Diana Caba, Director of Economic Empowerment

CUNY Rising Alliance

CUNY Rising is a growing alliance of 30+ community groups, non-profits, unions, student advocates and faith-based organizations that serve, mobilize and minister to millions of New Yorkers. In December 2016, CUNY Rising released a white paper making the case for free and quality education at CUNY. In January 2017, Governor Cuomo proposed a plan for a tuition free CUNY and SUNY education for New York State students beginning Fall 2017. As a leader in the CUNY Rising Alliance, HF will oversee the execution of this plan by working with groups of leading Latino student and educational advocates to restore and expand funding for CUNY, and ensure that all New Yorkers, including those from the most vulnerable economic backgrounds, and all immigration statuses, can continue to have access to an affordable and high quality college education.