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October 30, 2019: Our Future Is Here!

President's Message

The epidemic of mass shootings in our nation seems to have no end in sight. More than 350 people have died in the U.S. from mass shootings so far this year. Ten percent of those deaths came in early August in the span of 14 hours with the massacres in El Paso and Dayton. It’s clear that our nation’s gun laws are tragically inadequate and that a significant segment of our political leadership is failing us. But change may be on the horizon. Here is why.

LIFT US Initiative

Our most cherished ideals and principles — the U.S. as a nation of immigrants and a nation of refuge for those in need; the belief in family unity and the dignity of children — are under assault. Our response: the Latino Immigrant Families Together US, or LIFT US Initiative, which is supporting migrant families on both sides of the border. Click here to read more.

Keeping Community Healthy

Perhaps no challenge facing our community is more important and urgent than our health. Increasing rates of chronic disease such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS, together with a lack of health education and awareness, make it difficult to keep our families healthy. In response, Hispanic Federation is working with partners across the country to give Latino families the information they need to get healthy. Click here to continue reading.

Google Says ¡Presente!

With demand for tech workers growing in the United States, preparing workers to compete for these jobs is critically important. Thanks to a $2 million grant from Google, Hispanic Federation is launching a grassroots-driven program to make sure Latino workers have the training it takes to get the jobs of the future. Click here to read more.

HF Gears Up for 2020

It won’t be a surprise to hear that next year is a big year for American democracy. At least, you won’t be surprised to hear it here at HF where the talk amongst our team has been about the importance of next year’s decennial Census and the national elections in November 2020. To learn about how we’re gearing up for this critical year, click here.

Bringing Light and Hope to the Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian left a trail of death and devastation in its wake in early September. The storm’s full weight fell on the islands of the Bahamas and nearly two months later residents of the Caribbean archipelago are still struggling to get back on their feet. Hispanic Federation and Chef José Andres are doing their part to help the island recover. Click here to read more.

May 23, 2019: E Pluribus Unum

President’s Message: E Pluribus Unum

Our Annual Spring Gala was a historic success. We raised more than $2.6 million to support our network of nonprofits and advance our work. But the most important thing to come out of the event went beyond dollars and cents. Click here to read more.

New Month, Same Fight for Puerto Rico

The news media cycle may have moved on to other issues, but Hispanic Federation continues to fight for fair funding for Puerto Rico as it rebuilds from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Click here to read more about our Washington DC convening earlier this month demanding justice for Puerto Rico.

HF’s Annual Gala Raises $2.6 Million

It’s the biggest night of the year for Hispanic Federation. And thanks to you, it was our most successful Annual Gala ever! We not only raised money to support our network of community-based organizations, we sent a message about the America we fight for and believe in. Click here to read more.

HF Wants an Accurate Census Count, So Should You

The Decennial Census is one of the most important tasks the U.S. government has. Getting an accurate count of the population translates into economic power and economic resources. That’s why getting an accurate count is so important and why we’re all in to make sure that happens. Click here for more information.

FUERZAfest at El Barrio

The fourth installment of FUERZAfest returned to El Barrio in May to recognize Latinx heroes that were at the forefront of advancing LGBTQ inclusion, acceptance and equity. Over twelve days we celebrated the diversity and richness of who we are, and this year we got a valuable assist from our friends at AARP. Click here to learn more.

Hispanic Federation Community Health Team Continues Health Fair Tradition

Access to health care is one of the major challenges facing our community. But it’s more than that. Many times it’s about access to information to make us healthier. That’s why, for the fifth consecutive year, Hispanic Federation and its partners will be hosting comprehensive health fairs in select communities across America. Click here to read more.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chef José Andrés Advocate for New York’s Farmworkers

There are approximately 100,000 farmworkers in New York State. They are vital to our economy and to our families. They also work without most of the protections other workers in New York take for granted. Albany can change this. That’s why we joined with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Chef José Andres to write a piece for the New York Daily News calling on our elected officials to protect farmworkers’ rights. Click here to continue reading.

March 27, 2019: 2020 Census

President's Message: 2020 Census

The battle over Census 2020 is on. What’s at stake? Political power and economic investment in our communities for a generation or more. While the White House is attempting to reduce the response rate of immigrants and people of color, our states have an opportunity to set a national example of how to get the most accurate count possible. Click here to read more.

Brent Wilkes Joins HF’s Leadership Team

For more than three decades, Brent Wilkes has been one of the most recognizable and respected leaders for Latinos and the advancement of civil rights in the nation. Now, he’s bringing his talents to Hispanic Federation. We’re excited to welcome him to our team and we know you will be too. Click here to read more.

Lin-Manuel Miranda to Chair HF’s Annual Gala

HF’s annual gala isn’t just a great party; it also helps raise millions of dollars to support our essential work and that of our network of 110 nonprofit organizations. Once again this year, we are happy that the incomparable Lin-Manuel Miranda will chair the event, which takes place on April 11th at the American Museum of Natural History. We hope you’ll join us. Click here for more.

Fighting for Puerto Rico…Still

A year and a half has passed since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The nation’s attention may have moved on to other issues, but not ours. Hispanic Federation’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the island and its residents are still going strong and are more important than ever. Click here to continue reading.

Providing Hope and Shelter to Migrant Families

With thousands of migrants fleeing increasing violence and poverty in Central America and the Trump administration doubling-down on its campaign to make migrants’ lives more difficult, Hispanic Federation has partnered with Alianza Americas to launch a transnational program to help migrant children and families staying in shelters in Mexico. Click here to continue reading.

Closing the Educational Gap for Multilingual Learners

There are nearly a quarter million Multilingual Learners in New York State. Their numbers are growing. But too many of these students are not being served well by our school system. HF and the LEAD Coalition are leading a statewide campaign to change that and these vital group of students the resources and support they need to succeed. Click here to read more.

HF Statement on Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

“By consistently equating undocumented people and those who are migrating to our nation as bad people to be feared and loathed, the President is legitimizing hate and acts of cruelty towards a vulnerable class of people. By manufacturing a national emergency to achieve his political aims, the President has also laid bare his disdain for our democracy. These two facts ought to terrify every American.” Click here to read full statement.

January 16: 2018 in Review and A Look Ahead!

President's Letter

As we get settled into the new year, it’s good to take stock of what we accomplished and what lies ahead. We have a great deal to be proud of but we know the challenges in front of us are vast and arduous. Whatever this new year brings us, we’ll be ready together. Click here to read my thoughts on what we leave behind and what we can expect going forward.

Working Together For Our Communities

Fighting the good fight alone isn’t enough in these times. There are too many challenges. Too many issues to tend to without a network of supporters. Indeed, it takes a village. In 2018, we partnered with groups across the country to advocate for policies that aren’t just good for our communities, they’re good for all Americans. Click here to continue reading.

The Year in Numbers

Numbers can never tell you the whole story. Not about people. Not about organizations. But numbers are important. They provide clarity and a sense of accomplishment. That’s why every year Hispanic Federation prepares a “Year in Numbers” data sheet. Check out our numbers for 2018 here.

Building and Strengthening our Network

Our member agencies are the heart and soul of the Hispanic Federation. They’re on the front lines of some of the most important battles our communities are waging. Supporting and strengthening them has been at the core of HF’s mission since our founding 28 years ago. In 2018, we were thrilled to be able to provide over $4.2M in capacity-building support to help our network of Latino nonprofits grow more effective and more powerful. Click here to read more.

HF Rated One of Our Nation’s Top Charities

The charities we support say a lot about us; what we value, how we see the world, what we hope for the future. It’s an important relationship that depends on trust. At HF, there is nothing more important for us than delivering on the trust placed on us by our nonprofits, donors and community. And that is why we are so proud to have been recognized by Charity Navigator, for the sixth year in a row, as one of the nation’s top charities. Only 7% of the nonprofits rated by Charity Navigator have earned that distinction. Click here to continue reading.

From Relief to Renewal: Hispanic Federation Responds to Crisis

In moments of crisis, we’re able to respond as few can. That’s because of the trust and deep connection we have with our community, affiliate nonprofits and tens of thousands of supporters. In 2018, our responses to crises in the Caribbean and Central America produced important results. Click here to read more about our work.

Fighting for Immigrant Families

For the last two years, few issues have been as central to the national political debate as immigration. Hispanic Federation has been on the front lines of defending and empowering immigrant families. In 2018, we continued this work through direct action, advocacy, and engagement. Click here to read about our work.

Building Civic Awareness and Engagement

How do we make sure that our communities are heard? How do we make sure that we have a seat at the table as policymakers decide our future and that of our families? In 2018, Hispanic Federation ramped up its civic engagement efforts and the results speak for themselves. Click here to learn more.

October 30, 2018: Our Vote Means Everything!

President’s Message: Our Vote Means Everything!

Election Day is a week way and if you’re like me you are feeling both great excitement and great fear. I don’t usually operate in extremes but when I think about what’s at stake for the nation, our community, and our families, I can’t help but feel anxious about what will happen on November 6th. Click here to continue reading.

Priority One: Getting Latinos Out To Vote

The growing power of the Latino electorate doesn’t just depend on registering new voters. It’s largely about getting voters to the polls. Hispanic Federation’s Get Out The Vote Campaign has been working overtime since early 2018 to get Latinos educated and motivated to cast their votes. Click here to read more.

Take Action for Puerto Rico!

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico but Puerto Ricans have proved resilient in the face of disaster. Now more than ever, they need the support of the diaspora and other communities to push Congress to give them the tools they need to rebuild. Hispanic Federation’s Take Action for Puerto Rico! campaign is an effective way of letting Puerto Ricans on the island know they aren’t alone. Click here to read more.

HF Hosts Annual Hispanic Education Summit

Hispanic Federation and its network of Latino nonprofits headed to the CUNY Graduate Center on October 9th for the Federation’s Annual Hispanic Education Summit. With more than 400 attendees, this was the largest summit in our history and signaled the continued importance our leadership is placing on improving education. Click here to continue reading.

HF Adds Nearly 50,000 New Voters to Rolls

With the important Midterm Elections approaching, Hispanic Federation has spent the last several months registering voters in Florida, Georgia, Connecticut and New York. Click here to learn more about the results of our voter registration campaign.

HF Awards More than $300K in CORE Grants

Foundation funding for Latino community-based organizations has historically lagged behind need. That’s why Hispanic Federation’s Latino CORE grant-making program is so important. Thanks to our supporters, HF recently approved more than $300,000 in grants to organizations doing vital work that strengthen our communities. Click here to read more.

Fighting Back Against Family Separations

As the Trump Administration continues to insist on the inhumane policy of separating immigrant children and families, Hispanic Federation is working with allies to fight back. Click here to learn more.

Promoting Latino Health and Wellness

With some of the highest rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the nation, the Latino community is confronted with a number of significant challenges to its health. HF and its partners have been working this year to give Latino families the information they need to improve their health. Click here to continue reading.

HF Statement on the Migrant Caravan

Like so many Americans we have been watching the U.S.-bound caravan of several thousand Central American migrants with great concern. We are concerned for the migrants’ health, safety, and well-being. We know that the road from Central America to the United States is a treacherous one and that no migrant decides to risk everything without compelling reasons. If men, women, and children are fleeing their homes and families, they are doing so out of a fear that we pray most of us will never have to experience. Click here to read more.

HF Statement on Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

The shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh is a heartbreaking violation of the peace and safety that should characterize our houses of worship. The Board of Directors, staff, and network of 100 Latino community-based organizations of the Hispanic Federation share in the grief and sorrow of those who were injured and the family and friends of those who have been killed. Click here to read more.

August 13, 2018: Never Alone

President’s Message: Never Alone

For more than a quarter century, the Hispanic Federation has worked to advance the social, political and economic interests of Latino Americans. Achieving that mission has never been more important than it is today. While we face great challenges, it is our work with all of you – our commitment to diversity, equality, and a more hopeful and inclusive America – that will endure and prevail. Click here to continue reading.

Growing Boldly

Hispanic Federation’s roots in the New York area runs deep; but its branches now extend across the United States mainland and Puerto Rico. In 2018, we have expanded our operations to several new areas of the country and added new staff to help shape our work. Click here to read more.

Standing Up for Our Nation of Immigrants

Among the myriad assaults on civil rights unleashed by the Trump Administration, perhaps none has been as unrelenting as its attack on immigrants. From the targeting of immigrants based on religious background to the forced separation of parents and children at the border, it’s difficult to grasp the scope of this administration’s anti-immigrant campaign. HF has responded to these attacks by organizing, educating, and working tirelessly to protect immigrants, their families, and their communities. Click here to read more.

Responding in Crisis and Recovery

No natural disaster has more fundamentally altered the course of modern Puerto Rico than Hurricane Maria. HF has been helping to lead the way in providing support to the people of Puerto Rico ever since the storm crossed the island. While our efforts have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people affected by the hurricane, the fact remains that Puerto Rico remains in a state of crisis, and our work is far from over. Click here to continue reading.

Setting the Agenda

How do we respond to the challenges of these times? How do we craft an agenda of inclusion and equal opportunity in an era of division and injustice? These are the questions we work to answer every day at Hispanic Federation and have been tackling these last seven months. Click here to continue reading.

Getting Latinos Ready To Vote for the Midterm Elections

Educating and registering voters has never been more vital to our community. That’s why Hispanic Federation has increased its civic engagement work across the country. Click here to learn what we have been doing.

February 6, 2018: Trump's First Year in Office

President's Message: Trump's First Year in Office

A little more than a year ago, Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States. The intervening weeks and months have been, with little question, the most challenging, discouraging, and dangerous in the last four decades of American history. Guided by unbridled extremism, President Trump's first year has been characterized by assaults on America's values and interests with regards to immigration, the economy, Puerto Rico, voting rights and, perhaps most disconcertingly, our unity as a nation.
Here are just some of the reasons why...

Unidos con Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Hurricane Maria not only laid waste to Puerto Rico's electric grid and transportation infrastructure, it compromised the island's already-weakened health care system. Federally Qualified Health Centers were especially hard hit. Last month, Hispanic Federation partnered with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to announce some much-needed relief and support to these important institutions serving hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans.

FUERZAfest Returns to Orlando

FUERZAfest, Hispanic Federation's signature celebration of Latinx and LGBTQ communities, is coming back to Orlando in February and the program of arts and music is our strongest ever.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Helps Keep Three Kings Day Tradition Alive

On January 6th, the nations and peoples of Latin America celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings. El Día de los Reyes is an important cultural tradition in our communities and one that carried special significance this year in Puerto Rico, where the devastating aftereffects of Hurricane Maria are still being felt. Hispanic Federation partnered with Lin-Manuel Miranda, TOYS“R”US®, Telemundo and R.Evolución Latina to bring some joy to thousands of children on the island.

HF Receives Charity Navigator's Top Rating for 5th Year in a Row

The charities we support say a lot about us; what we value, how we see the world, what we hope for the future. It's an important relationship that depends on trust. HF takes that trust placed by its donors very seriously, and that's why we are incredibly proud to have received Charity Navigator's prestigious four-star rating for a fifth consecutive year. Only 10% of the nonprofits rated by Charity Navigator have earned that distinction.

The Year In Numbers

Numbers matter. They help shape a narrative and give clarity to the impact of our work. That's why we're so data-driven. We collect data. Analyze data. And we share data. For this year-end issue of Piñata we're happy to provide you with some of the numbers that tell the story of Hispanic Federation's achievements in 2017.

America's Dreamers

They represent our hope, resolve and promise – and we want you to get to know them. They are America’s Dreamers and to amplify why they’re so important to our community and nation, we’ve created a digital campaign that shares some of their extraordinary stories. Click here to view our Face of Dreamers campaign.

December 19, 2017: Year In Review

President's Message: A Year In Review 2017

At the end of last year, I wrote to you - our friends, supporters, and network of agencies -laying out Hispanic Federation's vision for 2017. The election of 2016 had ushered in a new era in Washington that we knew would be challenging, to say the least. And it has been. From protecting our immigrants and access to health care to promoting racial and ethnic comity, it seems that everything we work for has been under attack. And then unprecedented natural disasters struck Puerto Rico and Mexico. The thing about crises is that it shows what you're made of. And I'm proud to say that we responded as few could.

The Year In Numbers

Numbers matter. They help shape a narrative and give clarity to the impact of our work. That's why we're so data-driven. We collect data. Analyze data. And we share data. For this year-end issue of Piñata we're happy to provide you with some of the numbers that tell the story of Hispanic Federation's achievements in 2017.

HF Doubled Down on its Immigrant Advocacy

Few issues in 2017 were as hotly debated, and more deeply misunderstood, as was the issue of immigration. While the debates about immigration and immigrants raged, Hispanic Federation was at the center of it all fighting for our community. But it wasn't just about policy discussions and legislative fights for HF.

Building Nonprofits, Strengthening Communities

The foundational principle of Hispanic Federation is that strong Latino nonprofits make for strong Latino communities. More than a quarter of a century after our founding, HF remains as dedicated as ever to making sure that its network of 100 community-based organizations have the tools they need to succeed. How dedicated? This year we broke all of our previous records in grantmaking.

Our Work Is Bringing People Together

Hispanic Federation is growing. Really growing. Our national leadership on issues such as immigration, health care, and relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico has attracted people's attention and their financial support. In 2017, an unprecedented 200,000 individuals donated to advance our work.

Responding to Crises

A day can change everything. On September 20th, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico and an unprecedented hurricane tore through Puerto Rico. These natural disasters left a trail of destruction in their wake - lives lost, families upended and communities left grasping for the most basic necessities. In the face of these tragedies, we knew we needed to lead. And HF's impact has been felt far and wide - becoming an integral part of the relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Driving a Latino Agenda

We work every day to build a stronger Latino community and nation. An important aspect of that work is developing and advancing an agenda that speaks to the hopes and aspirations of our children, families and institutions. This agenda has provided an important policy blueprint for those who wish to lead our cities, states and nation.

November 14, 2017: The Road Ahead

President’s Letter – The Road Ahead

After last year’s Election Day results, we knew that this year would be a bell-weather of where our nation is headed. The rejection by voters of several candidates who had engaged in ugly anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric, may signal we're heading in the right direction. But this isn’t the time to rest on laurels; not for us and for the communities we represent. Here’s what we need to do next.

Nonprofit Stabilization Fund

The Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund has emerged as an important source of funding for New York’s Latino, African-American and Asian-led community-based organizations. During the Fund’s most recent grantmaking cycle, more than 70 diverse organizations received funding to address capacity-building needs. This year we look forward to supporting an even greater number of communities of color-led organizations.

HF Launches Faces of Dreamers

The Dream lives. In response to the xenophobic and anti-immigrant leaders looking to punish young undocumented immigrants by ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Minors or DACA Program, Hispanic Federation is launching a campaign to fight back.

Keeping Florida Moving!

¡La Florida se estaba moviendo! Thanks to Hispanic Federation, hundreds of Central Florida residents were getting some exercise and information during the “¡Vive tu Vida! Get Up! Get Moving!” on October 7th. This was Hispanic Federation’s second annual event in the Sunshine State and we can’t wait to do it again.

Puerto Rico Relief and Reconstruction

On September 20th, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the damage it inflicted on the island has reverberated from New York to California. But what the winds and rains destroyed, Puerto Ricans, Latinos and other Americans throughout the United States are focused on helping to rebuild. Hispanic Federation is leading the way, and we’re just getting started.

HF's National Advocacy Day

It’s more important than ever before that Latinos and other communities of color have an active presence in the nation’s capital. That’s why HF led more than 100 diverse community leaders and advocates to Washington to meet with legislators and explain how their policies affect our families.

October 9, 2017: Taking Puerto Rico and Mexico to Heart

President’s Letter: October 9, 2017

The natural disasters that devastated Puerto Rico and Mexico have been at the forefront of our minds and work these past couple of weeks. It's tough not to be moved by the stories of human and material loss. Lives upended. People left grasping for the most basic necessities. But in the face of these tragedies, we have affirmed our resolve and commitment to mobilize at a moment's notice during times of great need. Here's how we've responded.

HF Hosts Members of Congress to Discuss Immigration Policy

President Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is just the latest assault on immigrants by the White House. How does one confront an administration committed to criminalizing immigrant communities and enacting a religious and ethnic litmus test on future immigration into our country? Those were just some of the questions raised at a historic meeting co-sponsored late last month by Hispanic Federation and Congressman Adriano Espaillat.

Hispanic Federation Awards Nearly $300,000 in CORE Grants

Hispanic Federation’s Latino CORE Initiative is one of the nation’s leading Latino philanthropies. For more than two decades it has been making grants to support member agencies’ critical needs. In late September, our Allocations Committee reviewed more than one dozen proposals and awarded nearly 300,000 to support Latino grassroots organizations.

After Las Vegas Shooting, Solidarity and a Renewed Call for Gun Control

News of the tragic shooting last week in Las Vegas hit us very hard. It immediately reminded us of the terrible events at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last year. It also reminded us that we have a great deal of work still to do to enact sensible, effective gun control legislation in our country.

Our hearts (and hands and feet) are with Puerto Rico and Mexico!

If the fight to save DACA teaches us anything, it's that fighting hate is complicated and difficult. But the truth is that we can win this fight, if we plan wisely. HF President José Calderón took to the pages of The Hill recently to layout a comprehensive strategy of how we can beat back the forces of hate and xenophobia.

Op-Ed: This is how we’ll beat them.

If the fight to save DACA teaches us anything, it's that fighting hate is complicated and difficult. But the truth is that we can win this fight, if we plan wisely. HF President José Calderón took to the pages of The Hill recently to layout a strategy of how we can beat back the forces of hate and xenophobia.
Click here to read José’s Op-Ed.

Welcome to the Familia: Mónica Tavares joins Hispanic Federation as Vice President of External Affairs

Our family is growing. We are happy to announce that Mónica Tavares, one of New York's leading public affairs experts, has joined the Hispanic Federation team as Vice President of External Affairs.

August 24, 2017: HF's Mid-Year Report - Rising to the Challenge

Letter from HF President: Rising to the Challenge

We are more than halfway through 2017 and it’s a good time to take stock of our work these past seven months. We knew this would be a challenging year for us, our network of grassroots agencies, and the communities we represent. But thanks to our amazing staff, board and partners we have risen to the challenge and fought for our values, our ideals, and our mission to build a stronger Latino community and nation. Take a look at what we have accomplished together.

Setting the Agenda

We work every day to build a stronger Latino community and nation. An important aspect of that work is developing and advancing an agenda that speaks to the hopes and aspirations of our children, families and institutions. That agenda is meant as much for us as for those who wish to lead our cities, states and nation. During the first half of 2017, HF spent a great deal of time championing our community's priorities.

Growing our Community Programs

As our communities needs grow and expand, so does the work of the Hispanic Federation. Nowhere is this clearer than in the programs we offer our network of Latino grassroots agencies and the communities they serve. This year, we have focused on expanding important programs in education, workforce development, health care and immigrant rights.

Creating and Convening Coalitions

If there is one lesson to be learned from the current state of our national politics, it’s that we need lots of allies to defend and uplift the values we hold most dear. In unity there is power and strength. In unity there is always hope. That’s why HF has committed itself to bringing together communities, institutions and leaders from far and wide to work in common struggle.

Raising Awareness Through Public Education

It’s often difficult to break through the noise of a news cycle or a political campaign season. 2017 has taken that reality to new extremes. For that reason, we have doubled down on our public education and information campaigns to ensure our communities get the information they need to prosper in our nation.

Building Our Institutional Strength and Capacity

Hispanic Federation was created to help build and strengthen Latino grassroots organizations. That’s still our mission today. In 2017, we have expanded our grant support for community-based organizations, added new member agencies, and continued to provide needed capacity-building for our agency executives.

July 21,2017: Getting The Job Done

Letter from HF President: Getting The Job Done

Immigrants: We Get The Job Done. What a simple, but powerful summary of the role immigrants play in making our nation great. It's also the basis for the coalition we convened three weeks ago with Lin-Manuel and Luis Miranda, comprised of 12 amazing immigrant rights organizations. Thanks to the generosity of the Miranda family, we're raising much-needed funds to protect and uplift our immigrant communities nationwide...and we need your support.

CREAR Futuros Is Rhode Island Bound

We believe that a quality education is the single most important investment we can make in Latino communities. That's why we're so excited to travel north this Fall to launch our CREAR Futuros Latino college success program at Rhode Island College (RIC). As the first public institution in the state, RIC is an ideal vehicle to drive our program and our community's progress - and we can't wait to meet our new cohort of students!

Doubling Down on Civic Participation

Engage. Educate. Enable. Empower. That's our civic participation model, and it's more important now than ever. There are important elections at the local, state, and federal level in the months and years ahead, and we're doubling down on our efforts to increase Latino voter participation.

HF Statement on GOP Health Care Bill

This week the Senate GOP failed to garner enough support to move its health care bill to the floor for a vote. That's a good thing given the fact that this bill would have led to tens of millions of vulnerable Americans losing their health insurance. The current efforts by the GOP leadership to repeal first and replace later the Affordable Care Act are even more potentially disastrous. Below is our previous statement on why the attacks on Obamacare are bad for our community and our nation.

Read the HF Statement.

NHLA Statement on Nomination of USCIS Director

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a mission to "secure America's promise as a nation of immigrants." Yet, President Trump has appointed someone to head the USCIS who will likely seek to undermine the goals of the very agency he has been tasked to run. This week, HF joined its sister organizations in the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda to condemn the nomination of Lee Cissna to head the USCIS.

Read the NHLA statement.

NY Congressional Delegation Briefed by Communities of Color

Unity. That concept is more important than ever before. Understanding the growing challenges diverse communities face across the nation, HF is actively working to shape an agenda that brings together - with one powerful voice - the hopes and aspirations of communities of color. And so when we brought together members of the NY Congressional Delegation to discuss policy concerns, we did so with an amazing group of social justice leaders representing America's rich diversity.

We're Hiring: Senior Grant Writer

Join our team! HF seeks a full-time Senior Grant Writer to support the design and implementation of fundraising strategies that further our mission, programs, policy and advocacy work.

June 2, 2017: Our Determination, Never Stronger

Letter from HF President: As Senate Debates Ending Obamacare, Latino Lives Hang in the Balance

Few pieces of legislation in the last two decades have been as important to Latinos as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Now, the White House and congressional leaders have proposed legislation that will deny coverage to more than 23 million Americans, including millions of Latinos. That’s bad for our families and bad for our nation.
Read more..

Latino Education Advocacy Coalition Takes Off

While Latino educational attainment rates in the United States have improved in recent years, there is still a wide achievement gap between Hispanic students and their non-Hispanic white peers. Together with leading educational advocates, Hispanic Federation will launch a new advocacy program in New York State to help close the gap.

SOL Summit Sets Agenda for Latinos in NYC

With everything that's happening locally and nationally, it’s a good time to assess the health of the city’s Latino communities. In order to do that, Hispanic Federation partnered with three of CUNY’s Latino research institutes to create the Summit of Latinos (SOL), a one-day conference to analyze data, hear from experts and examine and propose policies we need to strengthen our communities.

With Elections Around Corner, Hispanic Federation Recommits to Civic Engagement

In the months leading up to the 2016 Elections, Hispanic Federation and its partners worked diligently to register new voters and mobilize them on Election Day. With midterm elections just around the corner, and states still trying to limit voting rights, we have reaffirmed our commitment to making sure every vote counts.

Hispanic Federation hosts another successful FUERZAFest

FUERZAfest, the first and only LGBTQ Latino festival in the northeast, closed last week after 12 days of celebrating the culture and progress of the LGBTQ+ community through a series of powerful art, film, theater and dance performances. Hispanic Federation was proud to host and organize this important event, especially at a time of anti-LGBTQ violence and rhetoric.

One Nation, Many Voices

This year, the Puerto Rican Day Parade marks 60 years of rich history and vibrant celebrations, and a theme fitting for the island: One Nation, Many Voices. As we look forward to the parade in less than two weeks, it’s important not to forget the reason for the parade to begin with.

We’re Seeking A Federal Policy Intern

The Hispanic Federation DC office is looking for an intern to join our team and learn more about the role of federal advocacy, policy, and politics. As part of a small team, the federal policy intern will have the opportunity to represent the organization at congressional briefings and events, and gain substantial experience in policy research, analysis, advocacy, and politics.

Know somebody who may be interested? Click here for more information.

What's Up With Texas?

Texas has a history of doing things its own way. Recently, this has not been a good thing for the state or for our nation. Over the past few weeks, the Texas state legislature has passed retrograde, discriminatory legislation that will cause significant harm to our immigrant and LGBTQ communities in the Lone Star State.

May 5, 2017: What We Fight For

Letter from HF President: Why Latinos March for Climate

As the Trump Administration has unveiled a series of dangerous proposals that undercut environmental protections and safety, Latinos and other Americans are growing increasingly concerned that these changes will have a disproportionately large effect on them and their families. Given the precariousness of air and water quality in Latino neighborhoods across America, the administration’s proposed changes may prove particularly harmful for our community. That’s why so many Latinos participated in the People’s Climate March last month in Washington.
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One Hundred Day of Trump

In his Inaugural Address, President Trump noted, “We are one nation...we share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny.” Yet, during his first 100 days in office, the President has pursued policies that threaten to divide us on the basis of religion, race, class and immigration status. Hispanic Federation has kept a running tab of these assaults on the values and principles we fight for. And on the occasion of his first hundred days in office, we laid out just some of the most egregious actions taken by President Trump.
Read our full statement here.

HF's Unidos Video Narrated By Lin-Manuel Miranda

If you missed our Unity/Unidos Annual Gala at the American Museum of Natural History on April 20th, you missed a great night. You also missed the premier of our new video, Unidos, which was produced by our Founding President Luis Miranda and narrated by the incomparable Lin-Manuel Miranda. But don’t worry, we’re so proud of and grateful for this new video, and how it captures some of the key aspects of our work, that we’re sharing it with you here.
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Our Fight for Puerto Rico Continues

On the day after a temporary stay protecting Puerto Rico from lawsuits filed by creditors and bondholders ended, members of congress held a forum to examine the scope of the humanitarian crisis now gripping the island. The forum examined the human cost of the financial crisis and addressed options for recovery that lift people out of poverty, protect and restore worker rights, and promote economic growth. Hispanic Federation, a national leader in the fight for a fair solution to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, was on hand to lend its expertise and insights on how to get Puerto Rico back on its feet.

Our Job Expo is Coming Soon

While the national unemployment rate has declined in the last year, the unemployment rate among Latinos is higher than that of other Americans. This is especially true for young Latinos. In fact, the rate among young Latinos is three times greater than the nation as a whole. In response, Hispanic Federation is partnering with LaGuardia Community College and Council Members Julissa Ferreras-Copeland and Jimmy Van Bramer host a job development expo to connect our community to good jobs.

HF Annual Gala Raises a Record $2.1M

Hispanic Federation celebrated its 27th Anniversary by presenting the Latino community's most successful Gala ever. The American Museum of Natural History was filled as we raised $2.1 million to support our Latino nonprofit network and gathered to honor the people and organizations that make our community stronger. How did we do it? Because of you!

Expanding Grant Support for Latino Nonprofits

When Latino grassroots organizations are looking to address core operational needs, they often turn to the Hispanic Federation. For more than two decades, our Latino CORE Initiative has supported nonprofits when they most needed help. Now, we are making applying for a CORE grant even easier.

Breaking Down Walls @ FUERZAfest

Last year, Hispanic Federation launched FUERZAfest as a way of celebrating theLatino LGBTQ community and breaking down the walls of ignorance and discrimination that continue to harm us. FUERZAfest returns to New York City next week for a 12-day long celebration. Join us!

HF Rejects House Health Care Bill

HF joined hundreds of health care patient advocacy groups in condemning the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If enacted, this bill would harm tens of millions of Americans.
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April 17, 2017: Almost @ Unity Gala

Letter from HF President: Let's Unite!

It’s almost here! Hispanic Federation’s Unity Gala is just around three days away and we are all working as hard as ever to make this the most successful event in our history. Please join us on Thursday, April 20th at the American Museum of Natural History as we celebrate our vibrant community, and some amazing institutions and individuals who are at the core of the values that drive us.

Contigo Fund Supports HF’s Bridge Program

Building community requires building bridges. That’s what Hispanic Federation has been doing in Central Florida ever since the Pulse Nightclub massacre. Now, thanks to a generous grant from the Contigo Fund, we’ll be able to expand our work on behalf of the Latino LGBTQ community.

HF and NMCIR Host Citizenship Day

Providing support to immigrants is something Hispanic Federation has done since its inception in 1990. That tradition continued recently when we worked with the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights to host a Citizenship Day in New York City.

HF Launches “Orlando Against Hate” Initiative

Since the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando nearly one year ago, Hispanic Federation has been a consistent voice of advocacy and support in providing crisis relief services to victims and their families. Thanks to a grant from the Open Society Foundation, HF is expanding its work in the city through the “Orlando Against Hate” program.

PR Advocacy Day Comes to Tallahassee

The Puerto Rican population in Florida grew by nearly 100 percent from 2000 to 2014. Today, more than 1 million Puerto Ricans call the “Sunshine State” home. What is the agenda for Florida’s Boricua communities? Puerto Rico Day 2017 in Tallahassee is the place to find out!

Supporting Latino Businesses in Connecticut

Small businesses are at the heart of Latino communities. Thanks to the support of Prudential, Hispanic Federation is launching the Connecticut Latino Financial Freedom Initiative (LFFI), a pilot program designed to help Latino entrepreneurs turbocharge their businesses and increase profitability.

Speaking Out Against Environmental Regulation Rollbacks

The Trump Administration recently announced a series of executive orders designed to undermine environmental protections. These moves not only compromise the safety of Latino communities, but undercut US leadership in the fight against climate change. In response, Hispanic Federation joined with other national Latino organizations to demand that the White House restore the environmental rules that safeguard our families.
Click here to read our statement.

HF Statement on Gorsuch Confirmation

After hearings marked by rank evasiveness, the United States Senate approved the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. In order to approve Gorsuch, Senate Republicans broke with senate tradition by removing the sixty-vote threshold rule. But beyond the vote’s partisanship, Hispanic Federation is concerned that Judge Gorsuch poses significant threats to immigrant, reproductive health, labor and other basic civil rights.
Read our statement here.

March 28, 2017: The Health Of Our Nation

Letter from HF President: The Health Of Our Nation

For the last seven years, Republicans in Congress promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. It’s clear from the last several weeks that while they were committed to repealing Obamacare, they and President Trump were also incapable of replacing the law with something as good or better. While the ACA is safe for now, the battle is far from over.

Ernesto Loperena, Advocate for Latino Children and Families, Retires

Few people in New York City have done more for Latino children and families over the past three decades than Ernesto Loperena of the New York Council on Adoptable Children (COAC). On February 28, Ernesto stepped down as Executive Director of COAC but he leaves behind a strong organization that finds permanent, loving homes for New York City’s most vulnerable children.

Estefan's to Receive Legacy Award at HF Gala

During very special years, the Hispanic Federation presents a Legacy Award at its annual gala to celebrate exceptional individuals that have made transformational contributions to the Latino community. This year’s Legacy Award winners are musical icons Emilio and Gloria Estefan whose artistic, entrepreneurial and philanthropic contributions to the Latino community are legendary.

CREAR Futuros Spring Kick-Off Event

Hispanic Federation’s CREAR Futuros program has become a national model of how to increase Latino college student success. Working with partners across the country, the program provides students with access to the tools they need to succeed inside the classroom and beyond it. Last week, with a new college semester well underway, Hispanic Federation joined with Coca-Cola for the Spring Kick-Off of CREAR Futuros in New York.

Connecticut Advocacy Day Brings “Orgullo Y Poder” to the Capitol

Home to over half a million Latinos, the importance of our work in the state of Connecticut cannot be underestimated. Since we first expanded to the Constitution State, we’ve hosted an annual Latino Policy Day at the State Capitol to discuss issues impacting our communities with advocates, allies, and elected officials. This year our gathering was extra special.

Proyecto Somos Orlando Builds Partnerships in Central Florida

Proyecto Somos Orlando (PSO) was created in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre as a way of healing a hurting community. Now, thanks to the support of some valuable partners, PSO is poised to expand its services.

SOMOS Celebrates 30th Anniversary

HIspanic Federation is proud to mark the 30th anniversary of the SOMOS conference, the largest and most significant legislative event for New York State’s Latinos. This year's gathering, which convened from March 24 to March 26 in Albany, held a special significance as our community acknowledged the work of our pionero and pionera state legislators and their historic success in building a powerful platform for driving a unified Latino agenda.

March 9, 2017: A Call for Unity

Letter from HF President: A Call for Unity

Unity. It means everything now. In difficult times, our ability to come together as a unified force is not only necessary to defending the most vulnerable among us – it’s essential to protect the values we most cherish: diversity, inclusion, opportunity and fairness. Indeed, protecting those values and the communities we serve requires a collective effort. That’s why our April 20th Annual Gala at the American Museum of Natural History is focused on this core concept infused in our mission: Unidad. We hope you will inspire and uplift our movement by joining us on April 20th!

Hispanic Education Summit 2017

Education is at the heart of so much of what we do. From our Pathways to Academic Excellence program to our CREAR Futuros initiative, HF works to improve Latino educational success from elementary school through college. It is the why we always take great pleasure in organizing and presenting the Hispanic Education Summit. Together with educators, parents and students, the Summit allows us to explore the educational challenges and opportunities in our communities. This year's summit takes place at the CUNY Graduate Center on March 20th.

HF Condemns Trump's Executive Orders on Immigration

In a little more than a month into his first term in the White House, President Donald Trump has issued a series of sweeping and punishing executive orders targeting immigrants. The orders, which empowered the Department of Homeland Security, to detain virtually any undocumented immigrant in the nation threatens to upend communities and tear apart families.
Click here to read our latest statement on why we vigorously oppose these orders.

CT Mayors and Latino Leaders Reception

More than one half million Latinos live in Connecticut; that’s fifteen percent of the state’s population. In cities like Hartford and New Haven, the Latino population is long-established, growing and confronting important challenges around education and economic development. That’s why Hispanic Federation co-hosted a meet and greet between Latino leaders and the Mayors of New Haven and Hartford last week.

HF Hosts Board Speed Dating

If there is one thing that nonprofit executive learn quickly, it’s that you’re organization is only as good as your Board of Directors. Finding new directors who add value to your organization can be difficult but it’s not impossible. Just last week, Hispanic Federation hosted one of its signature Board “speed dating” events, and it was a huge success.

Rhode Island College Welcomes Dr. Frank Sánchez as New President

Hispanic Federation congratulates Dr. Frank Sánchez, former CUNY Vice Chancellor and longtime champion of our Crear Futuros college success initiative, on being inaugurated as the 10th President of Rhode Island College on February 17, 2017. We are especially proud that Dr. Sánchez joins the institution as its very first Latino president. In addition, we celebrate Dr. Sanchez joining the Hispanic Federation as a brand new board member. Welcome Frank!

HF Responds to GOP Health Bill

When President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law in 2010, it was a watershed moment in the long struggle to ensure that every American had access to quality, affordable health care. In the years since, twenty million Americans have gained access to health insurance, including 4.2 million Latinos. The health care plan presented by House Speaker Ryan and Republican legislators earlier this week threatens to undo virtually all of these achievements.

February 7, 2017: United.

Letter from HF President: United.

If there is one thing that is obvious about the last few weeks, it’s that we aren’t alone. The battle for civil rights is happening on a number of fronts and is affecting virtually every community in the nation. Alliances are forming. Bonds are getting stronger. We’re finding common cause with other communities. In short, we’re building a movement.

From Tragedy, Creating Change

Hispanic Federation’s Proyecto Somos Orlando was born in tragedy. But in the months since the Pulse Nightclub massacre, HF staff have turned tragedy into an opportunity for community-building.

From City Hall to Capitol Hill, We're There!

The last few weeks have been filled with demonstrations and protests in response to a number of President Trump’s executive orders. Hispanic Federation staff and member agencies have joined several marches and rallies across the country.

Zumbando en el Barrio: Dance Your Way to Good Health at Julia de Burgos

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, with Hispanic Federation’s weekly Zumbando en el Barrio program, you can get in shape while you dance. Come join us!

Hispanic Federation Puts Civics Back in Citizenship

For recently naturalized U.S. citizens, citizenship doesn’t end when the judge finishes administering the Oath of Allegiance. In fact, for many new citizens, understanding the ins and outs of the American system of government, and their role in it, requires some additional work. That’s why the Hispanic Federation created the American Civics Track program.

Hispanic Federation and Latin American Association Fight Hunger in Atlanta

Hispanic Federation brought its Lucha Contra El Hambre campaign to Atlanta recently. In partnership with the Latin American Association, the campaign will distribute food to Latino families as part of a year-long effort to feed 2,000 families in the city.

Protecting and Defending Our Community

In the first two weeks of his term, President Trump has wasted little time using executive orders to target immigrants and refugees. From “extreme vetting” of refugees from Muslim-majority countries to threats to cut funding for Sanctuary Cities, the President is leading the most significant challenge to U.S. immigration policy in generations. Hispanic Federation opposes his unilateral actions.

January 20, 2017: Let's Get to Work!

Senate Minority Leader Schumer Meets With HF Leadership

Hispanic Federation was pleased to welcome U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to its offices offices last week. Sen. Schumer and HF's network of Latino nonprofit leaders engaged in a lengthy conversation around Latino policy priorities and what we might expect from the federal government over the coming months.

A Special Message from Our New Gala Chair: Lin-Manuel Miranda

The Hispanic Federation’s Annual Gala will be returning to the American Museum of Natural History on Thursday, April 20, 2017. And we're beyond thrilled to have a very special individual leading the charge in bringing together our group of friends and supporters together for this magical evening.
Click here to read his special message to you.

HF Heads to Women’s March on Washington

Hispanic Federation is headed to the nation’s capital this weekend to speak up for civil rights. Our staff and member agencies will be joining with hundreds of thousands of other Americans at the Women’s March on Washington.

It's impossible to heal the nation with Sessions as AG

With the Senate wading through flood of confirmation hearings, the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General has raised significant questions about President-Elect Trump’s commitment to civil rights. Sen. Sessions is the wrong man for the job. Here’s why.

Hispanic Education Summit Returns on March 20th

HF's Hispanic Education Summit, the largest meeting of Hispanic educators, researchers, parents, advocates and students in New York City, will take place on March 20th at the CUNY Graduate Center. Once again this year, the one-day event promises to be filled with critical exchanges and policy discussions on improving Latino educational outcomes and opportunities.

Hispanic Federation’s CREAR Futuros Program Receives Additional Support

The Hispanic Federation’s CREAR Futuros college success initiative is having real-world impact by keeping Latino students in college and on track towards graduation. Thanks to the investment of institutional partners like the Coca-Cola Foundation, hundreds of Hispanic students who before might drop out of college now have a fighting chance to transform their college experience – and their life trajectory.

Letter from HF President: Let's Get to Work!

It’s a new day in America. Maybe this isn’t what you or I expected. But elections matter and they have consequences. I have been thinking a lot about where we go from here, as an organization and as a community. And to tell the truth, while I’m concerned, I’m also optimistic about the future. Here’s why.

Hispanic Federation Takes To Airwaves to Educate our Communities

Latinos are avid radio listeners. Data from Nielsen tells us that more than 90- percent of Latinos in the United States tune in to radio each day; often for long stretches. What better way, then, to get our message out to people? Hispanic Federation’s radio programs are important tools for educating our community.

December 22, 2016: An Historic Year

2016: Year in Numbers

Numbers matter. They help shape a narrative and clarify the impact of our work. And that's why we're so data-driven. We collect data. Analyze data. And we share data. For this year-end issue of Piñata we’re happy to provide you with some of the numbers that tell the story of Hispanic Federation’s achievements in 2016.

Breaking Through the Noise: Raising Awareness Through Public Education

When it comes to important policy debates, it’s often difficult to get people to focus on issues. That is, with so much swirling around people on a daily basis—news, work, family responsibilities—it takes a great deal of work to educate people about issues that should matter to them. We're happy to share with you three Hispanic Federation public education campaigns that were successful in “breaking through the noise" in 2016.

When Crisis Struck, We Responded

It was the worst mass shooting in American history. On June 12, 2016, a gunman walked into the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people, injuring dozens more, and leaving a trail of heartbreak and loss that stretched across the United States. With so many of the victims drawn from Central Florida’s Latino and LGBTQ communities, Hispanic Federation responded by providing care, compassion and a way forward.

Hispanic Federation Again Receives Charity Navigator’s Four-Star Rating

The charities we support say a lot about us; what we value, how we see the world, what we hope for the future. It’s an important relationship that depends on trust. Hispanic Federation takes that trust placed by its donors very seriously, and that’s why we are proud to have received Charity Navigator’s prestigious four-star rating for a fourth consecutive year. Only 10% of the nonprofits rated by Charity Navigator have earned that distinction.

In a Pivotal Election Year, HF’s Civic Engagement Work Yielded Results

Hispanic Federation made sure that Latinos’ voices were heard during the campaign season and counted at the ballot box. The 2016 election cycle may be over but our work to engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of Latinos to vote will inspire a Latino movement for generations to come.

As Nation Debated, HF Doubled Down on its Commitment to Immigrants

Few issues in 2016 were as hotly debated, and more deeply misunderstood, as was the issue of immigration. While the debates about immigration and immigrants raged, Hispanic Federation was at the center of the fight. But it wasn’t just about policy discussions and legislative fights for HF.

Strengthening Our Network: Financial Investments and Technical Assistance

The foundational principle of Hispanic Federation is that strong Latino nonprofits make for strong Latino communities. More than a quarter of a century later, HF is as committed as ever to making sure that its network of 100 community-based organizations have the tools to succeed.

Driving a Latino Agenda

With so much at stake for our community and nation, Hispanic Federation worked vigorously to increase its presence in Washington, D.C. this year. Whether it was leading the fight for federal relief for Puerto Rico’s debt crisis or pushing for immigration reform, 2016 was an important year for us on Capitol Hill.

Letter from HF President: Our Historic Year

2016 was a watershed year for the Hispanic Federation. In the face of growing community needs, we rose up and carried out a historic expansion of our philanthropy, geographic reach, advocacy and community programs. From strengthening Latino nonprofits to advancing a Latino agenda, our impact was broad and profound.

December 12, 2016: The Fight Has Just Begun

Letter from HF President: The Fight Has Just Begun

The 2016 election season may be over, but for Latinos the fight has just begun. What comes next? What can we learn from this last election cycle? I have some ideas.

Despite Challenges, Latino Economic Power is Growing

A new study commissioned by the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) and the Royal Bank of Canada takes a look at the financial health and growth of the US Latino community. What they found might surprise you.

Hispanic Federation’s Lucha Contra el Hambre Campaign Offers Relief to Hungry Families

December is a time of colorful decorations, traditional festive dinners and special family gatherings. But even as we celebrate, we must not forget the hardships of the less fortunate among us. That’s why our Lucha Contra El Hambre campaign is so important. We’re helping thousands of vulnerable families enjoy warm meals this holiday season, and we need your help to do more.

FUERZAfest Orlando Celebrates Arts and Honors Pulse Massacre Victims

To commemorate the six-month anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Hispanic Federation just presented FUERZAfest Orlando – a 5-day-long Latino LGBTQ theater and arts festival that included a one-act play competition, film premieres, cabaret, workshops, panel discussions, networking receptions and more.

Hispanic Federation Launches Latina Leadership Circle

At HF, we know that our movement for justice depends on the development and preparedness of our leadership. That’s why earlier this year, we launched the Latina Leadership Council, a new nonprofit executive coaching initiative crafted to provide high-level advisory support to Latina HF member agency nonprofit executives. It’s clear from our first LLC cohort that our future is in good hands.

Hispanic Immigrant Integration Project

Immigrants are remaking America. And we’re our doing all we can to help them continue to uplift our communities and nation. Thanks to the Hispanic Immigrant Integration Project, a groundbreaking partnership between HF and LULAC, we’ve helped more than 60,000 immigrants in 8 states over the past three years. We feel the best is yet to come.

November 7, 2016: Rise Up and Vote!

Letter from HF President: Rise Up and Vote!

Por fin. Election Day is tomorrow. I know that many of you are exhausted with this year’s campaign. I am too! But despite our collective exhaustion, as we enter the homestretch of these elections we need to be more focused than ever. It’s time to head to the polls. This is more than just about an election. This is about our families. About our community. It’s about standing up for the values we believe in. And it’s time to finish the job!

HF Mobilizes 150,000 Latino Voters in Final Days of 2016 Campaign

Hispanic Federation (HF) is mobilizing 150,000 Latino voters in Florida, New York and Connecticut in the final days before Election Day, 2016. More than 100 volunteers and staff are participating in an innovative Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign that includes traditional door-knocking with new texting technologies operations focused on making sure Latinos take advantage of early voting, know their voting places and rights, and vote on Election Day.

Hispanic Federation Heads to The White House for Policy Summit

Hispanic Federation and the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda were in the Nation’s capital last month. The purpose? A policy summit on issues critical to the nation’s Latino communities.

Questions About Obamacare Open Enrollment? Hispanic Federation Can Help.

Open Enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) began on November 1st. While the enrollment process is designed to make it easy for consumers to choose the health plan that’s right for them, Hispanic Federation and its network of agencies are available to help you make sure you get the plan you need.

Somos El Futuro Conference Heads to Puerto Rico This Week

New York State’s Latino leaders are headed to Puerto Rico this week as part of the Annual Somos el Futuro Conference on the island. Hispanic Federation will be on hand to take part in this important event to map out a Latino agenda for New York State.

Hispanic Federation Hosts Candidate Forums in Florida

The growth of the Latino population in Central Florida has been an important factor in this year’s presidential contest. But there are important local races taking place in the region as well. Hispanic Federation hosted three candidate forums in the area recently to see how local candidates are addressing the concerns of the Latino community.

October 17, 2016: The Road to the White House

Letter from HF President: Our New Grantees

Giving makes us happy! I am proud to share that Hispanic Federation recently awarded nearly $400K in grants to 20 member agencies through our CORE Initiative. That's one of the largest total amounts we have ever distributed through this program and it reflects both the critical needs facing many Latino nonprofits and the Federation's unwavering commitment to its amazing network of community-based organizations.

Our Friends Fight Against Hunger

More than 20 percent of Latinos in the United States are hungry. And nearly one quarter of all Latino children in the country are food insecure. That’s why proceeds from this year’s Night of 1000 Friends Benefit at the Time, Inc. building will go to support Hispanic Federation’s hunger relief initiative, Lucha Contra El Hambre.

HF and Telemundo Partner for DACA Day of Action!

Since President Obama launched the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012, over 700,000 of our undocumented youth have received temporary work permits and relief from deportation. Hispanic Federation has been working to ensure that all DACA-eligible immigrants get the help they need in applying for this important program. Next week, in partnership with Telemundo, we will renew our outreach efforts with our third annual DACA Day of Action!

Hamilton Cast Goes #Ham4Vote

We are proud to share another exciting announcement in our civic engagement efforts: #Ham4Vote. We had previously highlighted a GOTV message from our amazing friend Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the award-winning musical "Hamilton," and he has now teamed up with his cast colleagues to produce three new engaging, dynamic get out the vote PSAs. We are proud to work with our sister organizations LULAC and LCLAA to bring you this campaign under the banner of Movimiento Hispano.

The Road to the White House

It is a saying we hear all too frequently during presidential election years, but what does it mean? Increasingly, it means that Latinos hold the key to the White House. With nearly 5 million Latinos living in the Sunshine State, we’ve been focusing on getting these Latino Floridians registered and mobilized to the polls. Last week, HF President Jose Calderon penned op-eds in The Hill and El Sentinel about how and why this work is so important.
To read The Hill op-ed,click here.

To read the El Sentinel op-ed, click here.

Hispanic Federation Brings “Get Up, Get Moving” to Florida

Florida is home to the third largest Hispanic population in the nation and in places such as Central Florida, this population is likely to continue growing demographically. That means that the health of the Latino community is vitally important to the future of the state. Unfortunately, fully one-quarter of Florida’s Latinos report having “fair” or “poor” health. Hispanic Federation is trying to change that through its “Get Up! Get Moving!” initiative.

HF’s Refugee Minors Program Closes Season at Yankee Stadium

The baseball season came to an end in the Bronx last week. While the New York Yankees didn’t make the playoffs this year, they proved to be champions for a group of young, undocumented immigrants who were on hand to see the Bombers play their final game of the 2016 season. The young people were there as part of the Friends of Immigrant Minors (FIRM) program, a Hispanic Federation initiative that provides valuable support to unaccompanied immigrant children who have arrived recently to the U.S. from Central America.

HF Launches New Initiative to Close Latino Education Gap

Few issues are as important to the well-being of our community as closing the Latino academic achievement gap. Regrettably, Latino students tend to underperform their non-Latino peers on many education assessments and the consequences are significant. In response, thanks to a two-year, $350,000 investment from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Hispanic Federation is launching the Latino Educational Advance Program (LEAP) to improve the long-term success of K-16 students in New York State.

Que Vote Mi Gente

HF recently partnered with some key allies to launch “Que Vote Mi Gente,” a multi-faceted campaign to build the political power of Puerto Rican voters ahead of the 2016 election and beyond through voter education, mobilization, and strategic storytelling. As part of this effort, HF is coordinating several candidate debates and forums in Central Florida. We are also carrying out a concurrent 2-month communications campaign that includes 60 and 30 second TV commercials, and radio and print ads to encourage Puerto Ricans in Florida to vote in the General Elections.
Click here to watch our TV videos and community debate/forums schedule.

September 21: Counting on Latinos in Florida!

President’s Letter: Latinos in Central Florida: The Growing Hispanic Presence in the Sunshine State

A little more than a week ago, I was in Orlando to announce the publication of our most recent report, Latinos in Central Florida: The Growing Hispanic Presence in the Sunshine State. Produced in partnership with Nielsen, this new publication highlights the dramatic ways in which Florida’s Latino community is being transformed by a new wave of migrants, particularly from the island of Puerto Rico. Our ability to understand, engage and mobilize this population is paramount to our efforts to achieve political and economic empowerment for our community.

After Tragedy, Helping Our Community Heal

The Pulse Nightclub massacre rocked the entire nation. Young people out for a night of dancing and fun robbed of their lives by a crazed gunman fueled by hate and easy access to firearms. For Orlando’s LGBTQ and Latino communities the toll of the murders was especially heavy. More than 75 percent of the casualties were young, LGBTQ, Latino and Puerto Rican, many of them escaping the economic insecurity of the island. Within days of the tragedy, we partnered with local Latino institutions to create Proyecto Somos Orlando, a one-stop wraparound service center providing long-term bilingual and bicultural support to people affected by the Pulse shooting. We're proud to say we haven't stopped working over these past three months to help our community heal.

To Help Latino Students Succeed, HF Expands CREAR Futuros Program

Three years ago, the Hispanic Federation launched CREAR Futuros to help Latino students enter, remain and graduate from college. This year, we've expanded our program to nine university campuses in three states to ensure that hundreds more of our students succeed in college.

As Election Day Approaches, Hispanic Federation Ramps up Civic Engagement

It’s an election year. Control of the Senate and the White House are in the balance. Latino voters can play a critical role in deciding the future course of the nation on everything from immigration reform to education and health care. But in order to make their voices heard, they need to register to vote and head to the polls. We're working hard to make sure that happens.

At CHCI, Environmental Issues are Center Stage for Hispanic Federation

Last week’s Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Conference in Washington, D.C. brought together hundreds of Latino scholars, activists, policymakers and elected officials to discuss issues such as voting rights, immigration and criminal justice reform. Hispanic Federation was there as well. Our very own Laura Esquivel joined with U.S. Rep Raúl Grivalva to discuss how environmental issues such as park access are inching to the top of Latinos’ policy concerns.

NHLA Celebrates 25 Years

0 Latino Organizations. 25 Years. 1 United Agenda. That’s a lot to celebrate! This past week, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda celebrated their 25th anniversary, and we couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of it. Whether fighting for the rights of our most vulnerable communities of immigrants, promoting diversity in land conservation, advocating for LGBT civil rights, or registering and mobilizing voters, NHLA has been on the frontlines for the past 25 years as a collective voice for Latinos. To read more about our #LatinoPriorities, click here.

August 31, 2016: Rise Up!

Hispanic Federation on Trump’s Recent Immigration Statements

Hispanic Federation has issued the following statement in response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent statements in regards to his immigration policies.

HF Letter from the President: It's Time to Rise Up!

How do we give voice to our community? How do we reinforce the safety net for those in need? How do we respond to existing challenges and unforseen emergencies? How do we uplift our next generation? At the heart of the answer to those questions lies philanthropy. In other words, it rests with our ability to organize and raise resources to advance our shared causes. Philanthropy is not only essential to community-building, it is a sign of what we call in Spanish, compromiso. In one way, compromiso means obligation. But in a broader sense, the word conveys a tangible way of showing that our community has value and matters. And the stakes for increasing philanthropy in our community have never been greater.

NaturalizeNY Sets Example for the Nation

Our immigration system is in need of an overhaul but our nation’s leaders are still stalling. While the fate of millions is in the hands of Congress, states can help make the path to citizenship a bit smoother. New York is a national leader on this front and other states across the nation would be wise to follow its lead.

HF Takes Part in #LCLAA16

When our Orlando office opened its doors last Summer, we were prepared to get involved with Latino community-based organizations with deep roots in the Sunshine State. We’re proud to say we’ve done just that, and about ten days ago we partnered with our brothers and sisters at LCLAA to advance two issues that have been at the epicenter of our work in Florida: Civil rights for LGBTQ Latinos and civic participation.

HF Staff Sharpens Their Skills

Whether it’s farmworkers’ rights in New York State or the rights of US citizens in Puerto Rico, we’re always advocating on behalf of the Latino community. Every now and then, it’s important to get a refresher on the tools and strategies that are most effective for launching an advocacy campaign. HF staff did just that earlier this month.

Back to School!

As summer winds down and we begin to think about fall, only one thing is on the minds of parents everywhere: back to school! While preparations for the new school year may involve new wardrobes, backpacks, and school supplies, Hispanic Federation is committed to making sure one thing stays the same: parental involvement. While we’ve talked before about the importance of reading throughout the summer, it’s equally important that parents stay involved not only as advocates for their children, but teachers at home. It’s easier than you think!

Latino Leaders to President Obama: Close Privately-Operated Immigrant Detention Centers

We joined our sister organizations on the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda coalition to call on President Obama and the Department of Justice to end corporate management of immigration detention facilities. The corporate managers of these facilities have earned billions in profits from providing substandard care to immigrant families in direct opposition to American law and values.

July 29, 2016: 2016 Presidential Race

Letter from HF President: 2016 Presidential Campaign

The major party conventions are over. The Presidential campaign of 2016 is now firmly underway. And, the truth is that never have I been more worried about an election than the one we will hold on November 8th. The reasons for that are clear: Never has there been an election when so much is at stake for our families, our communities and indeed, our nation.

NY State of Health Offers Special Enrollment Period

Unexpected life events can often throw us for a loop. But having health insurance for our selves and our families shouldn’t be subject to twists of fate. That’s why NY State of Health offers New Yorker a Special Enrollment Period to make sure they have the insurance when they need it the most. Confused? Hispanic Federation can help.

Walmart Foundation Awards Hispanic Federation Grant to Fight Hunger

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 22 percent of Hispanic households in the United States are food insecure. That means that millions of Latino men, women, and especially children, go to bed each night hungry. Thanks to a grant from the Walmart Foundation, Hispanic Federation will be leading a far-reaching campaign to address hunger in five states with large and growing Latino communities.

HF Takes Conservation To Heart

Last week, we celebrated Latino Conservation Week with a visit to our backyards: Governors Island in New York and Brownstone Park in Connecticut. Through an afternoon of exploration and staff bonding, we enjoyed a couple of our nation’s thousands of environmental treasures, and put our passion for experiencing and protecting our nation’s public lands and green spaces into practice!

National Latino Funds Alliance

Two decades ago, we came together with community activists from across the country to develop and promote locally-rooted funds that would raise money in support of Hispanic causes. It was an action to drive Latino self-determination and empowerment. And the Latino Funds Collaborative was born. All these years later, this coalition - now known as the National Latino Funds Alliance - is still going strong!

July 15, 2016: Our Mid-Year Review-Rising to the Occasion

HF Letter from the President: The First Six Months

At the end of last year, I was happy to look back on a year of great success and achievement for Hispanic Federation. But I knew then that 2016 would be a year filled with even greater opportunities and challenges for HF and its network of Latino nonprofits. Even so, I never imagined how much this year would test our mettle as an organization and as a community. I’m happy to say that we’re rising to the occasion.

CREAR Futuros Expands Reach

For several years, Hispanic Federation has been focused on the issue of college access and success. While Latino college participation rates have improved recently, research shows that Latino students benefit significantly from programs that help them navigate the critical first year of university life. CREAR Futuros is an HF program designed to improve Latino college success and this year we have expanded to serve six additional universities in New York, Connecticut and Florida.

Civic Engagement

This is a critical election year for Latino communities. Hispanic Federation’s Civic Engagement program has been active in 2016 educating and mobilizing over 25,000 Latinos to participate in local and national elections. From New York to Florida, HF has been training volunteers, providing civic education, hosting community forums and town halls, and registering potential voters in anticipation of November’s elections. As we head into the home stretch, HF will be ramping up it’s civic engagement efforts to make sure Latino voices are heard loud and clear in the fall.

Building Alliances and Expanding our Network

Shaping a brighter future for the Latino community. That’s been our goal for more than 25 years now! As our community has grown in size and needs, HF has challenged itself to serve more local neighborhoods and cities – helping to sustain a vital safety net, inspire new leadership and lift up an even greater number of Latino children and families. It takes great collaborations and allies to make this growth possible. Special people like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez and America Ferrera, and many others who are committed to advancing our work and mission.

Hispanic Federation Fights for Civil Rights for All

Civil Rights are under siege. While the battles being fought today may look different from the iconic struggles of a half century ago, the truth is that the core issues of justice, access and fairness are the same now as they were then. Over the last six months Hispanic Federation has worked on a number of important civil rights campaigns that are vital to the well-being of millions of Latinos across our nation.

At Its CORE, HF Remains an Institution Builder

Hispanic Federation was founded more than a quarter century ago to help strengthen the Latino nonprofit network in New York City. In the intervening years, our geographic scope has expanded but so too has our commitment to the community-based organizations that serve millions of people in our communities. During the first six months of 2016, HF has continued this tradition by directing resources to Latino nonprofit members in support of their infrastructure needs and the important programs they offer.

Crisis Relief: Somos Orlando

The massacre at the Pulse Nightclub earlier this year dealt a horrible blow to the city of Orlando and its Latino and LGBTQ communities. In response to the brutality unleashed that night in June, Hispanic Federation sprang into action spearheading Somos Orlando, a campaign to assist victims and impacted families in getting vital information and needed services.

June 21, 2016: Somos Orlando

HF Letter from the President: Somos Orlando

This past week was a difficult one for many of us. Like so many other Americans, the Hispanic Federation family mourned the senseless violence that ended the lives of 49 people and injured more than 50 in Orlando, Florida on June 12th. In the face of so much hatred and evil, of so much cowardice and bigotry, we have responded with determination and resolve.

Walmart Foundation Awards Hispanic Federation Grant to Fight Hunger

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 22 percent of Hispanic households in the United States are food insecure. That means that millions of Latino men, women, and especially children, go to bed each night hungry. Thanks to a grant from the Walmart Foundation, HF will be leading a national campaign to end hunger in our communities.

DACA Turns Four and HF Wants More!

It has been four years since President Obama announced the creation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. After years of Congressional inaction on immigration reform, DACA has been a lifeline for undocumented immigrant children. Hispanic Federation has worked determinedly to make sure tens of thousands of DACA-eligible immigrants get the relief they deserve. And with a looming Supreme Court decision on the President's DAPA and expanded DACA administrative action, we stand ready to serve a great many more!

Lin-Manuel’s Last Hamilton Performance!

Last week, Broadway Superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda announced his departure from Hamilton: An American Musical, just days after the smash-hit show took home 11 Tony Awards. Now, with only three weeks left until his final performance, Lin-Manuel is offering fans a unique opportunity: donate to the Hispanic Federation, and you could win two tickets to his final show and the after-party. Don't live in NYC? That's okay-he'll fly you in and put you up in a hotel for the night.

To enter to win “your shot” at this historic performance of Hamilton, click here!

PROMESA Passes the House

Earlier this month,, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 5278, the "Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act" (PROMESA). This bill leaves a lot to be desired but may represent the best opportunity we have to provide Puerto Rico the debt restructuring authority it needs to begin to stabilize its economy. To read our analysis, click here.

To watch HF Senior Vice President Frankie Miranda discuss the legislation, click here.

Education Summerfest Comes to Corona

School's almost out for the summer, but that doesn't mean the learning has to stop. In fact, it's essential that we keep our kids active with reading and writing over the summer months so they don't lose those skills. On Saturday, we're kick-starting summer learning!

President Obama: Designate Stonewall Inn a National Monument

Hispanic Federation is calling on President Obama to designate Stonewall Inn a National Monument. Through this designation, Obama will not only acknowledge the rich and diverse history of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, but pay tribute to the activists of color who played an integral role in this seminal moment in history.
To send your letter to President Obama,click here.

Teatro SEA and The Clemente Present Arte Pa' Mi Gente

The Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (Teatro SEA) is producing a free outdoor theater series as part of their 30th anniversary celebration! They will be offering the best in Latino music, dance, and theater completely free of charge this coming weekend. You don't want to miss out!
To RSVP, click here.

June 03, 2016: Investing In A Latino Future

Letter from HF President: Investing In Our CBOs

For the better part of a quarter century, the Hispanic Federation has dedicated itself to raising resources to support Latino community-based organizations. While it hasn’t always been easy, we have had our share of successes with our philanthropic partners, helping them to understand the ways in which their contributions and expertise can help our incredible network of grassroots organizations. Government funding has been a more complicated issue. With dwindling budgets, many cities and states have found themselves making smaller investments in the nonprofit sector, especially those rooted in communities of color. In 2014, however, an important thing happened that gave us great hope for the future.

HF Presents FUERZA Fest: First-Ever Latino LGBTQ Festival in New York City

Hispanic Federation hosted the first ever Latino LGBTQ Festival in East Harlem last month and El Barrio opened its arms to welcome us. The 12-day long event, called FUERZAfest, featured writers, activists, art and film series, and important community-based conversations about the challenges facing the Latino LGBTQ community.

HF Celebrates 10 Years of ¡Vive tu Vida! /Get Up! Get Moving!

With obesity, diabetes, and asthmas rates still high in many Latino communities, encouraging physical fitness for Latinos of all ages has become increasingly important for Hispanic Federation. This year is our 10th Anniversary of partnering with the National Alliance for Hispanic Health has to promote the importance of regular physical activity for good health for Latinos.

HF’S Connecticut State Director Talks Latinas and Power

New England’s Latina leaders gathered in Hartford, Connecticut recently to participate in the 10th Annual Latinas & Power Symposium. The event brought together hundreds of Latina professionals and students to discuss issues ranging from professional development to work-life balance strategies. Hispanic Federation’s Ingrid Alvarez-DiMarzo was on hand to share her experience and expertise with the program participants.

The Last Super Tuesday: June 7th

As primary season draws to a close and the National Conventions approach, there are still key races left that will ultimately determine who clinches the Democratic nomination. For more information on the upcoming primaries on Tuesday, June 7th, click here.

HF Attends Green Latinos Summit

Last week, we joined Latino leaders from across the nation to talk about an issue that affects each and every one of us every day: the environment. We talked about the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the access we have to parks, climate change and more. And, equally important, we strategized on how we can make sure that Latinos have a seat at the table when decisions are being made about each of these critical subject areas.

Registering New Voters in Central Florida

What happens when you combine recording star Olga Tañon, the Sunshine State, and dedicated volunteers? Well, in addition to a great photo op, you get hundreds of new voters in an afternoon. And that’s just a piece of the work we’re doing to register voters in Florida.

National Voter Registration Campaign for Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican population on the U.S. mainland has surged in recent years as the island suffers through its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. That means that thousands of Puerto Ricans can vote for President in November. But first they need to be registered. Hispanic Federation wants to make sure that happens.

HF Receives 4 Stars for the Fourth Year in a Row!

For the fourth year in a row, we're proud to have received 4-stars from Charity Navigator, the largest charity evaluator in the nation. This year, all charities faced more stringent rating requirements, but HF still achieved an impressive 96.44 out of 100, with a perfect score for transparency!
To read the full report, click here.

The Long March for Farmworkers' Rights

In the late summer of 1965, Latino and Filipino workers in Delano, Calif., launched an unprecedented strike against some of California's most powerful grape growers. Fifty years later and on the other side of the United States, justice for farmworkers is now the subject of intense debate in New York. On Wednesday, we joined hundreds of faith, labor, and immigrant leaders for a historic rally in Albany to demand farmworker justice. But our fight is far from over.

I Am Latino In America

On Monday, join HF and El Museo del Barrio for I Am Latino In America, a conversation with Soledad O'Brien. HF President Jose Calderon will be on the panel to discuss the most critical issues impacts Latino communities today and how to maximize the power of the Latino voice. To RSVP for HF's VIP seats, contact Carolyn Martinez
For more information, click here.

May 20, 2016: Fighting For Our Communities

Statement of the Hispanic Federation on the Puerto Rico House Bill

Over the past year, as Puerto Rico has suffered through its gravest economic crisis since the Great Depression, the island's 3.5 million American citizens have waited for Congress to act; allowing Puerto Rico's government to restructure its debts and begin a path toward economic growth and stability. The recent introduction of bipartisan legislation by the House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee is an encouraging sign that Congress is finally making some progress on meeting its responsibilities to support Puerto Rico. The Hispanic Federation (HF) and its network of 100 Latino nonprofits sees this legislation as an important first step on a very long and arduous road to recovery for Puerto Rico and its people.
To read our full statement, click here.

Ecuador Needs Our Help

Last month, an earthquake devastated Ecuador. Nearly one thousand people lost their lives and more than 28,000 were injured. Many thousands more were left homeless. Hispanic Federation has created Unidos por Ecuador/United for Ecuador to provide relief for the victims of the earthquake.

Advocating for a Greener and Healthier Environment

Latino families throughout the United States are deeply concerned about the air they breathe, the water they drink and the conservation of green-spaces. To highlight this fact, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda included for the first time environmental and energy issues in its annual Hispanic Policy Agenda. Hispanic Federation was proud to help lead this effort and during a historic meeting on April 29th we brought many of these issues to the attention of EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy.

Hispanic Federation Helps Lead March for Farmworkers’ Rights

Nearly 100,000 workers labor in New York State’s fields and farms. These workers are usually out of sight and out of mind for most New Yorkers. That changes this week.

FUERZAfest Kicks Off By Embracing Change and Diversity

FUERZAfest kicked off last week at Julia de Burgos Performance and Arts Center. New York City’s first-ever Latino LGBTQ festival incorporates the arts and culture into conversations about LGBTQ issues, particularly those affecting the Latino LGBTQ community. The opening plenary focused on embracing change & diversity.

NHLA Demands Halt to Continued ICE Raids

Last week, the Obama Administration announced they would soon begin another round of raids in May and June, specifically targeting Central American women and children who are undocumented. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda has condemned these plans, and urged the Obama Administration to immediately end the criminalization of women and children refugees. To read the full letter to President Obama, click here.

The Hill Op-Ed: Fate of Millions of Immigrants Rests with Supreme Court

Today, HF President Jose Calderon told his personal story, and explained why the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in U.S. v Texas is so important to millions of people.

April 29, 2016: Reaching New Heights

HF Letter From The President: Reaching New Heights

More than 800 leaders. A record $1.6 million raised. An amazing Latino celebration under the iconic blue whale at the American Museum of Natural History. Yes, our annual benefit gala reached new heights last week. More importantly, it’s inspiring a Latino movement. Read more...

HF Annual Gala Celebrates Latino Community

America Ferrera, Mayor Bill de Blasio, international soccer legend David Villa, and television stars John Quiñones, Liliana Vazquez and Jorge Ramos were just some of the guests who gathered under the world-famous big blue whale at the iconic American Museum of Natural History in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, as Hispanic Federation (HF), celebrated its annual gala. The event raised $1.6 million in support of Hispanic causes in the areas of civic engagement, economic empowerment, education, the environment, immigration, health, and organizational development. Click here to read more.

HF and Telemundo Team up to Fight Notario Fraud.

Across Latin America, the term notario carries with it no small amount of prestige. For centuries, notarios have acted as official record-keepers on everything from wills to real estate transactions. They have often provided legal counsel to clients. But in many U.S. Latino communities unscrupulous persons have taken advantage of this history to defraud clients out of their hard-earned savings. Hispanic Federation is working to put a stop to this practice. Read more...

HF Helps Families Prepare for College

For many families, the college admissions process can be daunting. Tests, applications, recommendations, financial aid, are just some of the issues that Latino families struggle to manage. HF is hosting two sessions next month to help families prepare for college. Read more....

FUERZAfest 2016

Our 12-day LGBTQ festival is fast approaching! Join us between May 11-22 for theater productions, movie screenings, art exhibitions, discussion panels, networking events, music and much more. The festival will provide a safe space for dialogue and awareness of social issues, particularly prejudice and homophobia that Latinos in the LGBTQ community face. We hope you’ll join us! For more information, visit our website.

HF Welcomes New Director of National Advocacy

We’ve got some exciting news! We’ve added a new member to the HF familia. Laura Esquivel, a legislative strategist with an extensive background in local, state, and federal government and non-profit affairs, joined us on April 25th to lead our Washington DC office and national advocacy work. Please join us in welcoming Laura! You can reach her at here to find out more about Laura and our DC advocacy work!

HF Unveils New Website

We’ve got something exciting to show you…a brand new website! The new site features a totally new design, user-friendly navigation, and a wealth of information, tools and resources about our work, allied grassroots organizations and community. What’s more, it contains a Take Action section to help existing and new friends and supporters to get involved in our latest initiatives. In short, our commitment to Taking Hispanic Causes to Heart remains the same, but we’ve got a new way of showing it!

May 2016: Upcoming Primaries & Resources

We're committed to registering tens of thousands of voters this year, but what's equally important is our commitment to ensuring that each one of those individuals takes the next step: showing up to the polls to vote. We understand that there can be a lot of information surrounding primaries and the General Election to keep track of, so we're breaking it down for you: all the necessary information and resources you need for the next couple of weeks. Read more…

April 12, 2016: America Ferrera and Other Exciting HF Happenings

Letter from the President: Our Fight for Farmworker Justice

For those of us that live in urban communities, it's easy to overlook the business of agriculture and the laborers who pick the vegetables and fruits that we eat. But forget we must not. As we depend on our farmworkers for nourishment, so do our farmworkers depend on us to fight for their basic rights. Today, farmworkers across most parts of America do backbreaking work without workmen's compensation, without being paid for overtime, without the right to organize and without the right to negotiate collective bargaining agreements. In New York State, we're redoubling our efforts to change that reality.

Catalyzing Community Giving @ W.K. Kellogg Foundation Conference

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation recently convened more than 100 philanthropic leaders from across the country to participate in its "Catalyzing Community Giving" conference. The goal? To learn, network, strategize and celebrate the importance of community philanthropy in the United States. As one of the nation's leading Latino philanthropic organizations, Hispanic Federation was pleased to participate, share and inform the learnings of this important event.

Get Ready to Party Under the Big Blue Whale at AMNH!

Exciting things are happening at the Federation! Our festive Annual Spring Gala is less than two weeks away. And we're beyond thrilled to honor Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress and activist America Ferrera with our Premio Orgullo award!

HF Responds to Congress' PR Proposal

A few weeks ago, the House Committee on Natural Resources shared their proposal on how Congress should address the economic crisis in Puerto Rico. While HF is pleased that Congress has begun to seriously consider legislative action for the island's 3.5 million American citizens, this legislation is fraught with issues.

Perlas de Sabiduría: Latina Leadership in Connecticut

Women make up more than half of the state population in Connecticut, but they still face many obstacles and remain underrepresented in leadership positions, a problem that is reflected across the country. That's why leadership summits such as Perlas de Sabiduría are so important.

FUERZAfest Comes to El Barrio

From May 11-22, we're bringing LGBTQ issues to center stage in El Barrio with FUERZAfest, a 12-day festival that celebrates the LGBTQ community and creates a safe space for dialogue and increased awareness through art and culture. We hope you'll join us. For more information, visit our website.

2016: Upcoming Primaries & Resources

We're approaching the National Conventions this summer, and both the Republican and Democratic nominations are still up for grabs. This means each primary becomes increasingly important to the future of our country. There are several important primaries between now and the end of April. For more information, click here.

SOMOS Celebrates 29th Anniversary

Each spring, for the past twenty-nine years, Albany has become the center of New York State's Latino community. That's because the SOMOS Legislative Conference has served as a catalyst for our political, business, and civic leaders to come together and address the major issues facing our community. This year's SOMOS conference, under the leadership of Assemblyman Marcos Crespo was a great success and Hispanic Federation was proud to be there to mark the historic occasion.

NMCIR and HF Team Up to Offer Legal Help to Immigrants

U.S. immigration laws can be complex and confusing. Having an expert along to guide you as you navigate the system is essential. That's why Hispanic Federation joined with the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights last week to provide legal assistance to immigrants.

Special Ticket Offer: PEN World Voice Festival of International Literature

PEN America Presents the 12th Annual PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, and is offering the HF familia a special discount code on tickets! Meet the creative voices shaping Mexico's literary culture, and rethink the stories of migration, the border and national identity through the illuminating lens offered by writers and artists.

March 18, 2016: Inspiring a Latino Movement

Letter from the President

The Hispanic Federation's annual gala is just over a month away. Every year, this event is a singular gathering that brings together 800 business, community, labor and civic leaders to celebrate and support Latino causes. This year, we shine a light on the actions we carry out together that are inspiring a Latino movement full of great power, purpose and promise. And, given the state of our national politics, we need your support now more than ever before.

HF Welcomes New Member Agencies

As a nonprofit membership organization, our member agencies are at the core of the work that we do. We're always looking to get involved with more community-based organizations that are doing great work to serve Latino communities. We're proud to welcome 11 new member agencies to the HF familia.

Puerto Rico Day of Action

On Tuesday, March 15th, we joined Senators Kirsten Gillibrand, Charles Schumer, Richard Blumenthal, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Nelson, Bob Menendez and Representatives Nydia Velazquez, Jose Serrano, and Steny Hoyer, NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Hamilton's creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, and citizens of Puerto Rico to urge Congress to take action for Puerto Rico. Speaker Paul Ryan has given Congress a March 31st deadline to put forth a bill addressing the fiscal crisis on the island. We're working to ensure that happens.

A Day with AMNH and FIRM

The American Museum of Natural History is an awe-inspiring cultural institution. From towering dinosaur fossils to rare sparkling gems, there's no doubt that everyone's first trip to the museum is one to remember. That's why we were thrilled to be able to deliver this experience to hundreds of unaccompanied refugee children from Central America.

CT Advocacy Day & Legislative Luncheon

For the third year in a row, Hispanic Federation held "Orgullo y Poder" in the Connecticut State Capitol. This year, we focused on proposed budget cuts with the potential to devastate Connecticut's Latino nonprofits. We were joined by advocates, community leaders, and elected officials.

2016: Upcoming Primaries & Resources

Primary season is in full effect. We're taking our civic engagement commitment past the registration forms and to the ballot box. Showing up to the polls to vote is the most important step. We understand that there can be a lot of information surrounding primaries and the General Election to keep track of, so we're breaking it down for you: all the necessary information and resources you need for the next couple of weeks.

Latina Reproductive Health on Trial

Earlier this month the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the case of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, likely the most important women's reproductive health care case to be heard by the high court since the early 1990s. Hispanic Federation has been following events at court closely and intensifying its fight on behalf of Latinas' reproductive rights.

March 2, 2016: Our Future is At Stake

Letter from HF President: What’s at Stake in 2016

The results of Super Tuesday have made it even more abundantly clear. This isn't just another year for us. Or our communities. Or our nation. This is the year when everything is at stake. Our families. Our children. Progress. The future.
Elections matter and this one matters more than most. At the Hispanic Federation, we stand ready to answer this historic call to turn out a record number of Latino voters this year. As part of those efforts, we've joined a national campaign to increase Latino participation in 2016. We want you to join us.

Upcoming Primaries & Resources

We're committed to registering tens of thousands of voters this year, but what's equally important is our commitment to ensuring that each one of those individuals takes the next step: showing up to the polls to vote. We understand that there can be a lot of information surrounding primaries and the General Election to keep track of, so we're breaking it down for you: all the necessary information and resources you need for the next couple of weeks.

Inspiring a Latino Movement

The Hispanic Federation's annual gala is fast approaching and we've created a brand new website for you to view our special honorees and sponsors, and confirm your participation at the largest Latino benefit event in our region. It's Thursday, April 21st at the American Museum of Natural History's Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. We can't wait to celebrate this special occasion in your company!
Read More

NHLA Releases 2016 Policy Agenda

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda has unveiled its 2016 Hispanic Public Policy Agenda, covering topics affecting Latinos ranging from education to the environment. The agenda is extensive, and seeks to inform Congress and the Presidential candidates on priorities for the over 27 million Latinos that will be of voting age by November 2016. We're proud to be a part of this national effort.

Coalition Reconvenes to Strategize for Farmworker Justice

Last year, we worked closely with elected officials and community leaders in New York State to pass the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act. Unfortunately, it did not happen, but we're proud of the progress we made in building a strong coalition more ready than ever to take on the fight this year.

CREAR Kicks Off the Spring Semester

We're in our third year of having a presence on CUNY campuses through our CREAR Futuros program, and it continues to thrive as a mentorship and leadership program specifically geared towards first generation Latino college students. We held a Spring Kickoff to celebrate our mentors and mentees, and give them an opportunity to reconnect with their counterparts at different CUNY campuses. Over 100 students and faculty members joined us and we'reexcited to continue to celebrate their success!

February 12, 2016: It’s Time to Mobilize!

Letter from HF President: Flint Water Crisis

The environmental crisis in Flint, Michigan has been described as a rare tragedy. We know better. What has happened in Flint is the direct result of policies that place a greater value on money than on people. And the fact is that it is poor communities and communities of color that are overwhelmingly the victims of these criminal actions. Raising our voices and keeping this reality top of mind will help make sure that other communities don't suffer a similar fate.

HF Mobilizes Latino Voters

The first two election contests of the 2016 presidential campaign are in the books. From the looks of it, we're in for a long and hard-fought campaign in both parties. While the media is producing horse race journalism, Hispanic Federation is focused on mobilizing the Latino vote. We're working to register, educate and turn out tens of thousands of Latinos to vote in key cities and states across the country.

It’s a Date: HF Annual Gala is on April 21st!

Mark your calendars! The Hispanic Federation's annual gala is set for April 21st. This year, HF's signature fundraising event is headed to the American Museum of Natural History's Milstein Hall of Ocean Life. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you there!
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Obamacare Enrollment Closes, But There Are Still Ways To Get Health Insurance

At the end of January, as the Open Enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act closed, Hispanic Federation staff and member agencies were hard at work helping Latino families in our area sign up for health insurance. While the enrollment period is now closed, there are still ways to get covered.

HF Leads Connecticut Latino Policy Day

Governor Dannel Malloy declared February 4th to be Latino Policy Day in Connecticut. In partnership with the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission (LPRAC), Hispanic Federation brought together hundreds of community leaders at the State Capitol. On the heels of Governor Malloy's State of the State, leaders discussed policy priorities for Connecticut's half-million Latinos.

CREAR Coalition Gathers to Discuss Student Success & Community Schools

In November 2015, HF organized its second Hispanic Education Summit at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. The day-long event brought together parents, teachers, students and others to discuss some of the critical educational issues facing Latinos in New York. It also helped set our K-12 advocacy agenda. Now, it's time to get to work. That's where our CREAR Coalition comes in.

HF’s Affiliate Nonprofit Leaders’ Meeting

A new year means new challenges for HF's network of 100 community based organizations. In January, HF gathered with its leadership in CT to discuss a road map for the work ahead, and just last week we hosted 30 member agency executive directors at our New York headquarters to strategize about key issues facing our community in 2016.

January 22, 2016: Honoring the Legacy of MLK

Letter from HF President: Dr. Martin Luther King Shows Us The Way

This week I had the opportunity to participate in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration at the famed Ebenezer Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. King serves as a moral beacon in my life and it was a source of great personal pride to speak at this event in the presence of his family and friends. I wanted to share my speech from that day because it's clear that Dr. King's struggle for social justice is as important today as ever before.

It's Time to Honor Dr. King's Commitment to Voting Rights

Among the many accomplishments in his all-too-short life, perhaps none was as important to Dr. Martin Luther King as the Voting Rights Act of 1965. As we go into an election year, its important to remember that Voting Rights for many Americans are still not secure.
Read The Full Article On Huffpost

Hispanic Federation is Building Latino Political Power in Florida

Florida will feature prominently in the 2016 election season and Latino voters in the state will have a lot to say about who wins the state's 29 electoral votes. As part of its new initiative in Florida, Hispanic Federation has been working to make sure that Latinos in the Sunshine State are registered, educated and mobilized to vote.

Save the Date: Hispanic Federation Annual Gala is on April 21st!!

Mark your calendars! The Hispanic Federation's annual gala is set for April 21st. This year, the HF's signature fundraising event is headed to the American Museum of Natural History's Millstein Hall of Ocean Life. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you there!
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Nielsen's Mónica Gil Shares Latina Insights with HF's Latina Philanthropy Council

When it comes to making financial decisions in Latino households, "siempre son nuestras mujeres" that wear the pants in the family. That's just one of the data insights Nielsen's Mónica Gil shared with the members of the HF's Latina Philathropy Council during its inaugural "Latina Leaders Breakfast Series" at McGraw Hill Financial.

January 8, 2016: A Look Back at a Remarkable Year!

Letter from HF President: A Special Year

2015 was quite the year for the Hispanic Federation. We celebrated a quarter-century of taking Hispanic causes to heart. We experienced a historic geographic expansion. We served a record number of families. We gave more and worked deeper with our community-based organizations than ever before. From programs to policy, from advocacy to grantmaking, we had a transformational year. These achievements of course belong to all of you - our donors, community advocates, volunteers and staff. Let's recap what we achieved together.

Historic Grantmaking

We were found in response to issues of equity and fairness facing the Latino community and its nonprofits in New York City. Since 1990, HF has grown in meaningful ways-both programmatically and geographically - to tackle its mission. But at the core of so much of what we do are our efforts to strengthen Latino community-based, grassroots organizations. And we are very proud that this past year, our grant-making program invested $2.4M dollars in grants to 120 Latino community-based organizations, the most ever in our organization's history.

Community Programs

We are always looking for new ways to make a difference. While our nonprofit capacity-building and policy work is essential to our community empowerment goals, it is in our community programs where we get to experience first-hand the impact of so much of what we do. Last year, we stretched to add four new important programs.

The Year in Numbers

Numbers don't always reveal everything about an organization but they sure can help us visualize and keep track of many of its accomplishments. Where we've been. Where we're headed. At HF, numbers allow us to appreciate all of the great things we achieved together in 2015. The results are nothing short of impressive.

Unprecedented Geographic Reach

Every year, we search for new ways and opportunities to serve our growing community. This year, our programs reached new states. 15, to be exact. As a national organization, we are committed to helping as many Latino families and communities as we can, wherever they may be. In the meantime, we are excited to expand key programs in new locations, and continue to empower and advance Hispanic communities nationwide.

Charity Navigator Rating

Four stars! Charity Navigator, the nation's leading nonprofit charity evaluator, has given HF its highest rating for the third year in a row, a distinction bestowed on only 14% of the charities they rate. After carefully evaluating programs, financial and governance systems, Charity Navigator wrote that this exceptional rating indicates "that Hispanic Federation outperforms most other charities in America." Thank you Charity Navigator. We're happy to hear it.

December 24, 2015: My Holiday Wish for Santa

Letter From HF President: My Holiday Wish

My ten year old has begun to question everything about Santa. "How is it possible that he comes down the chimney when we don't even have one? How would anyone have time to make like a gazillion toys? And don't tell me about that magic stuff because I know pretty much how things work now!"
It's a tough line of questioning that any defense attorney would have a hard time responding to. And the thing is, these questions are made even harder because I feel I'm representing the wrong client...

HF and Delta Host Latino Leaders Day

The excitement and connection was both instant and palpable.When our CREAR Futuros Latino college students were invited by Delta Air Lines to meet with company executives and experience their operations at JFK, it was an amazing opportunity to "Take Off" that was immediately embraced by our kids.

To read about our Latino Leaders Day with Delta Air Lines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Click Here.

To see photos from the trip, Click Here.

HF Hotline and Phone Bank Days

Throughout the year, our Linea Informativa hotline is a critical resource for thousands of Latinos. Their reasons for calling may vary, but our commitment to answering each and every call has remained steadfast since the program's inception. Frequently, we partner with our great friends at Univision and Telemundo to turn our hotline into a call-in center dedicated to specific issues. More than 25,000 Latinos have been helped with a host of issues as a result of these efforts.

HF Receives $50,000 from Hearst Foundation for Pathways

Education matters. It is, arguably, the most important building block upon which promising futures are built. At HF, we place a particular emphasis on the importance of education because unfortunately, the Latino community lags in most measures of educational attainment. Pathways to Academic Excellence..., one of our signature education programs at HF, closes the gap early by focusing on early childhood education. Thanks to the Hearst Foundation, we received a $50,000 grant to continue this program.

HF Responds to Congressional Republicans Inaction on Puerto Rico Economic Crisis

For months, we have been organizing and mobilizing around the crisis in Puerto Rico. We have worked alongside a national coalition of community, labor, government, and faith leaders who have worked tirelessly to ensure that Congress take action for the people of Puerto Rico, all 3.5 million American citizens. Unfortunately, Congress missed the best opportunity it had this year to assist Puerto Rico when it failed to include bankruptcy protections for the island in the recently passed Omnibus Spending Bill.
The refusal of Congressional Republicans to support Puerto Rico at this critical time only doubles our resolve to fight for economic justice for the island and its people. We will organize. We will mobilize voters. We will make change possible.

To Read Our Statement, Click Here...

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HF is Hiring in DC and NYC

Two positions have opened within the Hispanic Federation staff.

National Director of Advocacy (Washington, DC): Plays a key role in developing and implementing the organization's federal legislative priorities, including but not limited to educational policies and initiatives, immigration and health reform, reproductive rights and environmental justice.

To learn more about the position and to apply, Click Here

Director of Health Advocacy (New York, NY): Plays a key role in coordinating the Hispanic Federation's health advocacy, community programs and events. This individual is responsible for managing advocacy coalitions and key partnerships, including the Federation's Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Initiative (SRHR).

To learn more about the position and to apply, Click Here