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Historic Grantmaking

In 2015 we were fortunate enough to grant $2.4 million, more than ever in our organization’s history. That’s an extraordinary achievement given the continuing economic uncertainty we face in the nonprofit sector. And it’s particularly significant for the Latino community-based organizations we serve, which do not receive their fair share of resources from public and private philanthropic sources and are in desperate need of funding to support their operational and capacity-building needs.

“We work very hard every year to raise money through our annual gala and other sources because we know that it matters to the success and stability of our network,” said HF President José Calderón. “This year was a great success not only because we raised more money than ever before but because we were able to increase our support to our amazing network of Latino community-based organizations at a time when other sources of support are becoming more difficult to secure.”

This is what we were founded to do. Our grantmaking was built on the premise that Latino community-based organizations often had needs that fell outside the program areas of traditional philanthropic organizations and government. Over the years, as we have grown, we have not forgotten the importance of grantmaking. It will always be one of HF’s menu of services and a reliable source of funding for our member agencies.