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HF Staff Sharpens Their Skills

It’s important that we invest in each other’s success. For Hispanic Federation’s staff, that often means the success of our member agencies, our partners, or the Latino community-at-large through direct services and programs. However, it also means investing in our colleagues and fellow staff members. That’s why, earlier this month, HF staff held a policy retreat to discuss best practices and share lessons learned from advocacy campaigns.

With training from the New York Civic Engagement Table, staff applied their skills to work together to develop a model comprehensive campaign strategy. “It’s always important to go back to basics,” said José Dávila, Vice President for Policy and Government Relations. “Our staff is incredibly talented, and having the opportunity to connect creatively and strategically strengthens our ability to work as a team and serve our community.”

In addition to the training, staff discussed policy priorities and set goals in place for the months to come.