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HF Statement on Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

NEW YORK, NY — Hispanic Federation President José Calderón issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to build his border wall:

“President Trump continues to lie shamelessly to the American people. His deep contempt of immigrants from Latin America has moved him to fabricate a national emergency to achieve his campaign promise of building a wall at our southern border.”

“Channeling the spirit of Joe McCarthy, the President claims today a threat far worse in his mind than the communist infiltrators that McCarthy conjured up in the 1950s. Brown-skinned invaders from the south — “criminals and gang members,” as he says — are determined to undermine our nation with their “human trafficking,” “drugs,” and penchant for “violence” and “crime.””

“Not that we should have to say it, but nothing is further from the truth. The immigrants that the President likes to demean are coming here to work tirelessly and give their families a better life. Their presence makes us stronger, more prosperous and, yes, safer. Law enforcement data and numerous research studies have repeatedly demonstrated that crime rates have fallen in areas where immigrant populations have increased, the number of unauthorized border crossings has dropped significantly, and our border is safer than ever before.”

“President Trump’s disregard for the truth is not only crude but destructive. By consistently equating immigrants, undocumented people and those who are migrating to our nation as bad people to be feared and loathed, the President is legitimizing hate, acts of cruelty, and even violence towards a vulnerable class of people. By manufacturing a national emergency to achieve his political aims, the President has also laid bare his disdain for our democracy and Constitution. These two facts ought to terrify every American in our nation.”

“We refuse to be silent. In the face of hateful and immoral actions, we have no choice but to resist. We will continue to work with institutions and allies across the nation, and do everything within our power to fight funding for this wall that the vast majority of Americans don’t want and know we don’t need.”