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Hispanic Federation Community Health Team Continues Health Fair Tradition

Our health is failing us. Despite important advances in treating and preventing chronic diseases, Latino communities across the United States continue to have health indicators that reveal both a lack of access to quality health care and, just as importantly, education and information about how to improve one’s health. Hispanic Federation’s Community Health Team works in communities to increase access to care among Latino families and also to educate our communities about the best ways to stay healthy.

For the fifth year now, the Community Health team at the Hispanic Federation (HF) is partnering with the Pfizer Latino CRG, Pfizer RxPathways, Arcos Communications and the Counsel General of Mexico to conduct five community health fairs in various cities across the nation. The HF team focuses on bringing together schools, health care providers, hospitals, free clinics, local health departments, and other organizations to provide free medical screenings, vaccinations and other health-related services for members of the community.

Each event involves over 20 local organizations and is held in a venue that is convenient to the local Hispanic community. Participants will have access to free health screenings, health education materials and workshops on a variety of topics, referrals to medical care facilities in the area, and fun activities for the whole family.

“We know that Latino access to quality health care is still too low,” said Bethsy Morales, Hispanic Federation’s Senior Director of Health Initiatives. “And with the constant assault on the Affordable Care Act and the cuts proposed to Medicaid by this administration, we know that we have to redouble our efforts to get our families the care they need but also to educate them about strategies and lifestyle changes that can keep them out of the doctor’s office. These health fairs allow us to offer screenings at no cost to underserved individuals. And we know that we’re making a difference because participants constantly express gratitude and appreciation for getting services that aren’t otherwise available to them.”

Hispanic Federation ensures that all providers are able to provide essential health information and referrals if services are not readily available. To date, the fairs have been able to serve over 4,000 individuals. For more information on the health fairs and the work of our Community Health team, please contact Bethsy at