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Hispanic Federation (HF) is committed to protecting and expanding the rights of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. As a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation sweeps through the nation, we have ramped up our efforts to fight back against these policies and are taking steps to strengthen the Latinx LGBTQ+ nonprofit networks that serve as critical lifelines for our communities

Today, 79 percent of Americans support laws that would protect LGBTQ+ communities, including 80 percent of Hispanic Americans. However, even with this growing support nearly 40 percent of Latinx LGBTQ+ adults live with a household income below $24,000 per year, and LGBTQ+ Latinx adults are more likely to be unemployed and experience food insecurity than Latinx non-LGBTQ+ adults. Additionally, 74 percent of Latinx LGBTQ+ adults report having experienced everyday discrimination, and more than 299 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced across the country.

Hispanic Federation seeks to celebrate the rich contributions of LGBTQ+ Latinxs to society and tackle these disparities, as well as the increasing number of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, with programmatic efforts and by funding and supporting organizations that have deep ties to the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. Below is just some of the work Hispanic Federation engages in to serve the LGBTQ+ community.

The ACT Initiative

In June 2022, Hispanic Federation launched the Advance Change Together (ACT) Initiative, a much-needed Latinx LGBTQ+ advocacy and capacity building initiative that will empower and support organizations working on the front lines to protect and serve Latinx LGBTQ+ communities. Our initial $1 million investment has so far supported 25 Latinx LGBTQ+ nonprofits from 10 states with grants of up to $50,000. The funds are granted to strengthen these organizations’ advocacy efforts, services, and infrastructure to better serve Latinx LGBTQ+ communities. The ACT Initiative also hosts convenings and capacity building training to support our grantees.

Hispanic Federation thanks the Miranda Family Fund, The Coca-Cola Foundation, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, and for their support of the Advance Change Together (ACT) initiative. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, please contact David M. Perez, Senior Director of Donor Relations at for additional information.

FUERZAfest LGBTQ+ Arts Festival

Hispanic Federation launched FUERZAfest in 2016, making it the first LGBTQ+ Latinx Arts Festival in the Northeast. Since then, HF has held events in New York City, Connecticut, and Orlando, fostering dialogue and awareness at each locale on the systemic barriers and threats LGBTQ+ Latinx communities face every day.

This multidisciplinary festival harnesses the visceral power of art. It brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation, and celebrate the rich heritage of Latinx queer artists and art.

​We are proud to support a positive, culturally sensitive celebration like FUERZAfest, especially in a sociopolitical climate characterized by transphobia, homophobia, and anti-gay violence against Latinx people.

For more information, please go to or contact Mario Colon, Vice President for Special Initiatives, at

LGBTQ+ Federal Policy Advocacy

Since 2016, Hispanic Federation has emerged as an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ equality on several fronts, specifically in the areas of healthcare, discrimination, civil rights, education, immigration, and marriage equality. Our Washington, D.C. team collaborates with national partners and allies to present the strong offense needed to achieve results at the federal level. HF is also a co-chair of the LGBTQ Task Force for the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, which positions the organization as a thought-leader at the intersection of LGBTQ+ and Latinx advocacy. With the help of our dedicated network of Latinx nonprofits and national partners, we’re able to project a powerful voice for pro-LGBTQ+ policies that protect the most vulnerable among us.

For more information about HF’s Federal Policy initiatives please contact our Vice President for Federal Policy and Advocacy, Laura Esquivel,

Proyecto Somos Orlando

On June 12, 2016, the city of Orlando, Florida faced an unimaginable crisis when a terrorist entered Pulse Nightclub, killed 49 patrons, and left dozens injured. Perhaps nowhere were the ripple effects of the shooting more strongly felt than in Orlando’s Latino and LGBT communities. In the immediate aftermath of the massacre, Hispanic Federation, through its Orlando office, joined forces with local Latino-led institutions to create Proyecto Somos Orlando as a campaign to coordinate the city’s Latino social services sector and provide the victims and their families with high-quality culturally competent assistance.

The days, weeks, months, and even years following were a time of healing for our nation, but especially for victims and the families of the victims. Proyecto Somos Orlando provided culturally competent and bilingual mental health services to victims and families. Proyecto also enabled care to be delivered to those affected directly in the communities in which they live. Beyond emergency assistance, victims and families were provided with case management, crisis intervention, mental health services, and other needs.