Make a Donation! Help Our Coffee Farmers!

Coffee has been a part of Puerto Rico’s rich culture and heritage for generations, but in 2017, Hurricanes Maria and Irma destroyed more than 80% of the island’s coffee harvest and trees. Hispanic Federation, Nespresso, World Coffee Research and others are working together to revitalize Puerto Rico’s coffee industry and help coffee farmers replant their land and reclaim their futures.

We have an ambitious goal to plant 2.25 million coffee trees on the island. Every dollar donated to this campaign, will help provide one new tree.

Upon confirmation of your donation, you will be redirected to for more information about Cafecito de Puerto Rico--available while supplies last.

If you have questions regarding Nespresso coffee offers, please call Nespresso at 800-562-1465.

Find out what else we're doing to help Puerto Rico rebuild. Click here to learn more about the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program for Puerto Rico.