Membership Criteria for Latino Nonprofits

Membership in the Hispanic Federation is open to Latino non-profits in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. To become a member, an agency must provide health and human services directly to clients in their communities.

Agencies must also meet all three of the following three criteria:

  • Led by a Latino executive director
  • Governed by a majority Latino board of directors
  • Serves a majority Latino client population

In addition, an agency must be certified as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service, be incorporated in its state of operation, have an annual operating budget of at least $150,000 for the prior and current year, and be in existence for at least three years.

Currently, the Hispanic Federation does not require membership dues for participation in its programs.

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Services for Member Agencies

Technical Assistance

In order to help Latino agencies provide the best possible community services, the Hispanic Federation offers technical assistance to its member network of nonprofits. Services focus on strengthening the infrastructures of nonprofits – the board, personnel, fundraising, program development and finances of a member agency. Services are provided through training, individual consultation, workshops and scholarships.

HF's technical assistance initiatives also include a grant writing service called the Hispanic Enterprises Launching Program (HELP), the Individual Donor Development (IDD) program, which trains agency Board and staff in developing a fundraising plan that targets individuals, and the Hispanic Leadership Institute (HLI), which expands the management skills of current and future membe

Grant Making

As one of six Latino grant makers in the country, the Hispanic Federation provides general operating support grants that fund the nuts and bolts of its non-profit member agencies. Unlike the usual request for proposal process, the Federation listens to the individual needs of its member agencies and supports crucial capacity-building projects that might otherwise go unfunded. Since 1993, the Federation has awarded over $40 million in grants.

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