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HF Focuses on Voter Registration PDF Print E-mail

The Latino electorate has grown over the past decade to become an essential voting block in municipal, state-wide and presidential elections.  Strategically located, dynamic and growing, Latino voters have the power to determine our nation's next President. However, before that happens we need to make sure Latino citizens of voting age are engaged, mobilized and empowered to exercise their true power. While there are more than 20 million Latinos eligible to vote in the United States, Latino voter turnout rates lag behind other racial and ethnic groups.

The work being carried out by Latino nonprofits like HF - and the incredible commitment of Univision 41 and Telemundo 47 to drive Hispanic voter mobilization - raise hopes that Latino political engagement will grow dramatically. Thanks in large part to these local and national efforts, Latino voters represented 11 percent of the electorate.

Latino Leaders to Washington: Support Puerto Rico PDF Print E-mail

In several cities across the nation today, Latino leaders and allies assembled to send a unified message to President Obama and Congress: Support Puerto Rico and its 3.5 million U.S. Citizens. As Puerto Rico continues to endure a growing economic crisis that includes a $73 billion debt, major unemployment and population drain, Puerto Ricans and Latinos on the mainland are growing impatient with Washington as leaders have failed to step up to assist millions of American citizens living on the island.

On Health Care, HF Expands Education, Training and Enrollment PDF Print E-mail

No single social safety net program in the last 25 years will have a more direct and lasting impact on Latino families in the United States than the Affordable Care Act.  For the millions of uninsured Latinos in the country, the ACA has been nothing short of revolutionary. Individuals and families that lived fearful that one accident or prolonged illness could lead to financial ruin now have the security of knowing that affordable and quality health care is within reach.

Hispanic Federation has worked on two projects during the first half of 2015 that helped Latinos access health care:

The HF’s Latino Affordable Care Act (ACA) Education Campaign focused on promoting Latino awareness of the new health care law through community mobilization and media outreach.  Funded in part by AARP, the program focused on raising awareness of ACA among uninsured Latinos in four key states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.  The results of the program speak for themselves.  Nearly 35,000 Latinos were directly contacted during the 2014-2015 enrollment cycle. Moreover, we reached 4.7 million media contacts through our public education campaign, an expansion of 2.9 million over the first year of the program.  “We know that ACA and the Latino community need each other to succeed,” said HF Director of Health Advocacy Samantha Paz.  “This multi-state program was able to raise awareness in key states and we think that played a major role in the early success of the ACA.”

In addition to the ACA, HF is a leader in the NYS Health Exchange Navigator Program.  HF helps low-income New York City Latinos and their families enroll into free or low-cost health programs such as Child Health Plus, Medicaid and Qualified Health Plans.  The program is funded through the NYS Department of Health and includes a number of community partners such as Dominican Women's Development Center, Puerto Rican Family Institute, Ryan Nena Health Center and Urban Health Plan.

Since the start of the program in 2014, HF has helped nearly 18,000 Latinos and their families obtain affordable health insurance. Since January, 2015 we’ve helped another 6,200 obtain health insurance and expect that number to reach over 10,000 by year’s end.

“Helping New York City’s Latinos get access to health care is critically important to the well-being of the community,” said Liliana Melgar, HF’s Director of Health Programs.  “We’re lucky to partner with some of our communities most respected community organizations on this project.  It’s because of their hard work and commitment that we have been so successful.”

While we are proud to champion ACA and work to increase access and enrollment to the program, we are mindful that these benefits do not extend to undocumented immigrants. Should these individuals require medical attention, we encourage them to call (866) HF-AYUDA so we can put them in contact with a healthcare provider.

For more information, please contact Liliana Melgar

HF and AstraZeneca Launch Asthma Prevention Awareness Program PDF Print E-mail

Few chronic illnesses affect Latino children and their families in New York City more than asthma. According to data from the NYC Department of Health, one in five Latino children in New York City have been diagnosed with the disease. Thanks to our partnership with AstraZeneca, Hispanic Federation is launching a campaign this spring to raise awareness about asthma in the Latino community and the best ways to combat it. 

Ask many Latino parents and guardians in New York City what the number one health concern facing their children is and they are likely to tell you asthma.  That’s because in Latino communities across New York, asthma wreaks havoc on the lives of Latino children and their families.  The illness results in chronic absenteeism from school, missed workdays for parents, costly emergency room visits, and a lifetime of challenges.   “This is a highly manageable disease but we have to do a better job of giving families the tools to do that,” said HF Director of Health Advocacy Samantha Paz.

In response to the asthma crisis, Hispanic Federation has partnered with AstraZeneca to create a Hispanic Lung Health Community Education and Advocacy Campaign.  The main focus of the program will be asthma education and management but also touch on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and smoking cessation.  The goal of the program is to raise awareness of asthma management and other lung illnesses among Latinos in New York and New Jersey. “If we give people the information to manage their illness or that of their child, we’ll go a long way to improving the lives of thousands of Latinos,” Samantha said.

For more information, please contact Samantha Paz.  

HF Launches Latino Diabetes Awareness Campaign PDF Print E-mail

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 10 percent of all Latinos over the age of 20 have diabetes.  Latinos are also 1.5 times more likely to die of the disease than their non-Hispanic white peers.  Across New York, diabetes is wreaking havoc on Latino families.  In fact, more than 300,000 Latino New Yorkers are living with the disease.  Hispanic Federation is launching a program this year to raise awareness about diabetes in our community and the ways we can stop this killer.

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