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HF and AstraZeneca Launch Asthma Prevention Awareness Program PDF Print E-mail

Few chronic illnesses affect Latino children and their families in New York City more than asthma. According to data from the NYC Department of Health, one in five Latino children in New York City have been diagnosed with the disease. Thanks to our partnership with AstraZeneca, Hispanic Federation is launching a campaign this spring to raise awareness about asthma in the Latino community and the best ways to combat it.

HF Launches Latino Diabetes Awareness Campaign PDF Print E-mail

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 10 percent of all Latinos over the age of 20 have diabetes.  Latinos are also 1.5 times more likely to die of the disease than their non-Hispanic white peers.  Across New York, diabetes is wreaking havoc on Latino families.  In fact, more than 300,000 Latino New Yorkers are living with the disease.  Hispanic Federation is launching a program this year to raise awareness about diabetes in our community and the ways we can stop this killer.

CREAR Futuros Newsletter Launch is Near PDF Print E-mail

As part of Hispanic Federation’s Crear Futuros program, the Hispanic Federation will launch Alma Mater, a bi-monthly electronic newsletter focusing on higher education.  The newsletter will feature interviews with leaders in higher education, analyses of trends and issues in Hispanic education achievement, and reviews and links to important new research on best practices in everything from student recruitment to retention.  “We have learned a great deal from our experience with Crear Futuros,” said HF President José Calderon.  “We want to be able to share what we have learned but also spark a national conversation about the challenges that Latinos face in colleges and universities.”

The first issue of Alma Mater will feature an interview with Queens College President Dr. Félix Matos Rodríguez and information about President Obama’s Community College Initiative and its impact on Latinos.

HF Launches Latino Health Working Group PDF Print E-mail

The Hispanic Federation and a number of the New York’s leading Latino health care providers and experts met two weeks ago at Las Americas Conference Center to launch the Latino Health Working Group, a task force developed to facilitate a coordinated health care policy advocacy network for the Latino community in New York.  “Our member agencies provide important health services across New York,” said HF President José Calderón. “They have a great deal of first hand experience they can share with policymakers to improve health care delivery and access.  The Latino Health Working Group will allow them to channel that experience into policy recommendations that can help lawmakers throughout the state.”  The inaugural meeting of the working group included a review of the conclusions and recommendations reached during the 2014 NY Latino Health Summit hosted by Pfizer and provided participants with an overview of the current health policy landscape for New York.

Inside Washington: On immigration, GOP Starts Off on Wrong Foot PDF Print E-mail

When Republicans seized control of the Senate and increased their power in the House last November we knew that the political calculations surrounding Comprehensive Immigration Reform were going to change.  Just how much has changed in Washington when it comes to immigration became clear in the last couple of weeks when House Republicans presented bills to fund the Department of Homeland Security that included “poison pills” tying the Department’s budget to a rollback of the administrative action on immigration  that President Obama announced last year.  Claiming that the President had exceeded his constitutional authority by suspending some deportation proceedings and expanding the number of undocumented immigrants who would be eligible for deferred action, the most anti-immigrant elements in the GOP wanted to force Democrats into the unenviable position of voting against Homeland Security funding in order to protect undocumented immigrants.

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