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Latina Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition

To advance the reproductive health and human rights of Latinas, the Hispanic Federation partnered with the Ford Foundation and some of the leading women’s rights groups in the region last year to launch the Latina Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition (LSRJC). One of the coalition’s biggest successes to date has been its Promotora (community health worker) Trainings. Women graduating from Promotora Trainings learn effective strategies for communicating vital information to other Latinas on how to access health care, protect their reproductive rights, and promote wellness.

All Promotora Graduates conduct informal outreach sessions in their home communities to educate peers about the new healthcare legislation, reproductive health, disparities in health care, parenting and pregnancy, STD/STIs, contraceptive use, and emerging services and treatments such as Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

More than sixty Latinas have graduated from the program this year. Half of those women emerged from domestic violence through the support of our member agency, Violence Intervention Program, and are enthusiastically sharing their knowledge with other women in their community.  Those who have witnessed these Promotoras go through the training, then get into action in their community, describe it as seeing a major transformation

If you are interested in hosting Promotora Trainings at your agency or would like your staff and community leaders to participate in one, please contact Samantha Paz.

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