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The National Latino Funds Alliance (initially called the Latino Funds Collaborative) was established in 1996 as a joint national effort among six Latino Funds. Its objective was working together to raise funds and strengthen Latino involvement in philanthropy. NLFA is funded by RPA/Kellogg Foundation through their Cultures of Giving challenge grant program. Currently, the following eight funds are participating:

In addition to supporting individual Latino Funds, the National Latino Funds Alliance committed to supporting strategic Latino philanthropy throughout the country. Its goals are to:

  • Influence organized philanthropy
  • Build and sustain Latino philanthropic ventures
  • Increase Latino participation in organized philanthropy
  • Bring more dollars to support local Latino communities
  • Promote strategic giving by active donors
  • Make informed grantmaking decisions at all levels of philanthropy
  • Uphold the added value of Latino philanthropy, just as mainstream philanthropy sees the benefit of women’s, Jewish, or other specialized Funds

The following Toolboxes were created by the National Latino Funds Alliance through funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through the Hispanic Federation. It reflects the shared knowledge and experience of the six Latino Funds that were the original members of the National Latino Funds Alliance.  Each Toolbox is designed to help groups start or build the capacity of a Latino Fund or similar specialized grantmaking entity.

Toolbox graphic
 introduction PDF Introduction to the Toolbox and the National Latino Funds Alliance Investment
 raising endowment pdf Raising Endowment Funds from the Latino Community (PDF)
 strategic planning pdf Strategic Planning Process (PDF)
 structural modelsStructural Models and Organizational Relationships (PDF)
 Structural models pdf Investment Policy (PDF)

 conflict of interest PDF Conflicts of Interest (PDF)

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