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Aetna Foundation Invests in HF Youth Health Explorers-Urban Farming Initiative PDF Print E-mail

In 2011-12, HF implemented the first YHE project in a North Brooklyn neighborhood. The project successfully mapped community health assets and deficits as a first step to launch conversations about the influence of the environment on health. The program was such a success that the Aetna Foundation has made a nearly $100,000 investment in HF to replicate and expand the program outside of New York City.

For 2015, HF will implement a YHE-UF environmental scan aimed at understanding how urban farming can positively affect the health of Latino communities in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The YHE-UF team will consist of HF as the lead agency investigator along with community-based organizations Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders (BCYL) and Matrix Public Health Solutions (MATRIX), experts in environmental health and youth education and development.

Youth in the selected sites will be recruited by the Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders and trained on the current food production and distribution system, the alternative urban farm movement, as well as be provided volunteer farming opportunities. Youth will be trained by MATRIX on how to scientifically “map” their neighborhood, survey individuals, and clean and analyze the data. YHE-UF will focus on neighborhoods with a high Latino population and high poverty and health disparity rates.

“Given the impact of food deserts on the health of our children and young adults, it’s important that we become more proactive in promoting healthy eating and sustainable development,” said HF President José Calderón. “The YHE-UF Program is about empowering our communities to understand how the lack of healthy foods affect them and their families and to use data and research to demand change from local leaders.”

Thousands Benefit From HF IDNYC Phone Bank PDF Print E-mail

For the second time this year, Hispanic Federation raised awareness about the New York City municipal identification program, IDNYC. On July 28th and 29th, HF's Linea Informativa hotline became an IDNYC call-in center.  This time, HF partnered with Univision to produce public service announcements, radio programs and newscasts to encourage Spanish-speaking New Yorkers to register for IDNYC. HF volunteers and staff answered more than 3,000 calls about IDNYC and scheduled 1,139 appointments for New Yorkers to get their cards. “We are proud to have worked alongside Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Mark-Viverito to make IDNYC a reality,” said HF President José Calderón. “We’re working just as hard to make sure that Latinos are aware of the card and its benefits. We need to get people registered and we will continue working with the city to raise awareness of IDNYC.“

Congress Takes Aim at Sanctuary Cities, HF Fights Back PDF Print E-mail

On July 1, 2015, Kate Steinle tragically lost her life in San Francisco through a senseless act perpetrated by an evil individual. That individual happened to be an undocumented immigrant. In the aftermath of Steinle’s tragic death, anti-immigrant legislators in Congress have sought to use her murder as a political wedge to push through legislation that targets immigrants. They have focused especially on punishing cities across the country that offer sanctuary from the most onerous federal immigration laws.

Letter from the President—We Must Support Puerto Rico PDF Print E-mail

With so many challenges facing the Latino communities of the mainland United States, one might think that Latino leaders should avoid getting involved in Puerto Rico’s complex economic crisis. But the truth is that the challenges facing Puerto Rico’s economy not only affect the 3.5 million United States citizens who live on the island or the 5 million American citizens of Puerto Rican descent living in the mainland U.S. No, it affects all 55 million Latinos and indeed, the nation itself.

HF Gears Up for 2016 Election, Commemorates Voting Rights Act PDF Print E-mail

At Hispanic Federation, civic engagement is one of our founding core pillars. We believe that your vote is your voice in government, and exercising the right to vote in every election is crucial to make our voice heard. According to the 2010 census, Hispanics accounted for 56% of the nation’s growth, meaning that if and when we exercise our right to vote, you can be sure we’ll be heard loud and clear. That’s why this summer, for the second year in a row, we had Summer Street Teams, comprised of teenagers, hit the streets to educate people about their right to vote, and register them to do so.

Latino Leaders to Washington: Support Puerto Rico PDF Print E-mail

In several cities across the nation today, Latino leaders and allies assembled to send a unified message to President Obama and Congress: Support Puerto Rico and its 3.5 million U.S. Citizens. As Puerto Rico continues to endure a growing economic crisis that includes a $73 billion debt, major unemployment and population drain, Puerto Ricans and Latinos on the mainland are growing impatient with Washington as leaders have failed to step up to assist millions of American citizens living on the island.

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