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Hispanic Federation's Network of Latino noprofits serves more than 2 million in the NE.
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Support for Scholarships for Latino Students PDF Print E-mail

Wells Fargo, our financial literacy partner, will donate $1 (up to $50,000) to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund for every customer who selects Spanish as their language in their mobile banking phone app.  But hurry! You have until April 30th!

Wells Fargo, nuestro aliado de educación financiera, donará $1 (hasta un máximo de $50,000) en apoyo al Hispanic Scholarship Fund para becas para estudiantes latinos por cada cliente que seleccione el idioma español en el aplicativo móvil de Wells Fargo en su teléfono celular.   ¡Pero date prisa! Solo tienes hasta el 30 de abril para hacerlo.

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Earth Day 2015: Raising our Environmental Voice PDF Print E-mail

April 22, known as “Earth Day,” marks the birth of the U. S. environmental movement, launched in 1970 when an estimated 20 million Americans took to the streets to support a healthy and sustainable environment. Earth Day is widely credited with propelling the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts.

Over many decades, Hispanics have shown a similar groundswell of support for a sustainable environment. Spearheaded by pioneering Latino environmental justice agencies, Latino communities locally and nationally have come together to prevent and mitigate the impact of natural catastrophes brought on by man-made climate change, such as the unprecedented drought in California and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  In fact, polling proves that Latinos care more about climate change than most other communities.

President’s Message - April 22, 2015 PDF Print E-mail

For the past 25 years, the Hispanic Federation has worked to give hope and strength to Latino communities in the Northeast and across the country. Step by step, the organization has brought together some of the most important Latino community-based organizations in the nation and transformed them into a cohesive network.  A network that not only helped Latinos by providing direct services in everything from education to health care, but also a network that could design policies and think creatively about the best ways to uplift our neighborhoods.  In giving life and purpose to the Hispanic Federation, our pioneers created an organization that wasn’t the passive recipient of charity but an active and important leader in crafting solutions to our communities’ most vexing problems.

HF Partners with CUNY and Univision to Help Latino Families Prepare for College Success PDF Print E-mail

We know all too well that the overwhelming majority of Latino parents want and expect their children to do well in school and to attend college, but far too few understand the steps and tasks needed to prepare for college. This Spring, HF partnered with CUNY's Director of Admissions Richard Alvarez and his team to launch borough-wide Pathways College Readiness trainings with Latino families. These FREE sessions were open to all, and provided hundreds of parents and students with information on the common core standards, high school graduation requirements, the SAT, applying to college, and how to access financial aid.

Hispanic Federation Celebrates 25 Years at Top Benefit Gala for the Latino Community PDF Print E-mail

Hispanic Federation (HF), the nation’s premiere Latino nonprofit membership organization, celebrated its 25th Anniversary on April 8th, 2015,  at a star-studded Annual Benefit Gala and welcomed more than 800 of the nation’s leading public officials, community leaders, media celebrities, and corporate elites to support programs and services for the Latino community. Some notable honorees and supporters included: legendary actress Rita Moreno, Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, representatives from Pfizer, Grupo Salinas Founder Ricardo Salinas, and former HF President and Coca-Cola’s Lillian Rodriguez-Lopez.

The annual gala brings together some of the nation’s most influential leaders to support the Hispanic Federation’s programs and services, which are geared towards strengthening Hispanic families and a network of 100 Latino nonprofits. The Federation raised $1.5 million at the event.

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CREAR Futuros Newsletter Launch is Near PDF Print E-mail

As part of Hispanic Federation’s Crear Futuros program, the Hispanic Federation will launch Alma Mater, a bi-monthly electronic newsletter focusing on higher education.  The newsletter will feature interviews with leaders in higher education, analyses of trends and issues in Hispanic education achievement, and reviews and links to important new research on best practices in everything from student recruitment to retention.  “We have learned a great deal from our experience with Crear Futuros,” said HF President José Calderon.  “We want to be able to share what we have learned but also spark a national conversation about the challenges that Latinos face in colleges and universities.”

The first issue of Alma Mater will feature an interview with Queens College President Dr. Félix Matos Rodríguez and information about President Obama’s Community College Initiative and its impact on Latinos.

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